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Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices, "If My Auntie had Balls she'd be My Uncle" (Lif

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

James vs York University Docket Number (#36795).

How are your Xmas preparations going? Would you like to know how mine are?

Conclusion first.

Stand up. Straighten your backs. Take a deep breath. Ready. Good. Now start doing the job you were remitted to do. Stop permitting the Tail to Wag the Dog. Take control Honorable Justices. Canadians are dying by the bucket load. Substance disabilities are not Crimes. They are not illnesses or diseases. Absolute nonsense. You cannot legislate what a citizen will put into their bodies. Not a thousand years ago. Not a hundred. Not today. Never in the future. And the cost of doing so has been catastrophic and is getting worse. The mishandling of the Paul J James matter from start to finish has been a complete farce. Abbott and Costello. Laurel and Hardy pushing a piano up three flights of stairs. The three stooges - pliers to nose hair; Slap on head; Poke in eye. Kick up-backside, Twirl finger in hair and tug.

Start doing your job.


In line with Ms. Beverley McLaughlin's - former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada - on public record statement, that, to paraphrase "The honorable court does make mistakes. And when we do and are confronted we look to correct those mistakes, expeditiously".

Well then.

You have in your possession crystallized incontrovertible evidence of your incompetent "and/or" corrupt (bad faith) adjudication of the Paul J James human rights discrimination claim when it was before the honorable court. Yet, you have not replied to Paul J James. And I ask on behalf of ALL Canadian citizens. Which is it?

Incompetence or Corruption?

The Canadian public have a huge vested interest. How our Canadian Judiciary operate so does the country. The Canadian Judiciary from what I have experienced is an absolute disaster. And so are our Canadian Politicians. The photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mocking President Trump sums us up. Who is the coward Trudeau or Trump? Oh how the tables would turn to reverence if ever Canada were to be attacked.


Honorable Court. You do not reply to any of Paul J James's communications. Why?

Some suggest that perhaps my requests are against protocol?

Yet I have tried and adhered to all the protocols and ethical parameters as set forth by the system. Seemingly though, I am the only one who follows them. And it has got me know where. It is my right to communicate with you when human rights infringement on such an important matter to the Canadian public has taken place at your very own court.

Your ongoing ignoring of Paul J James matter is an excuse. "If my Auntie had balls she'd be my Uncle" (David Brent - Ricky Gervais - The Office UK). It represents when silence is not golden.

To be clear. Paul J James has executed all the protocols, procedures the system insist on. He has been a chasm more respectful of the system than the system has of Paul J James. Respected all the readings as highlighted in the human rights manuals, followed orders; respected deadlines, tried to resolve each and every act of discrimination which has been dumped and urinated onto him for a over a decade. And I have done so in as dignified and respectful manner as I could. I have afforded York University, the Canadian Judicial process including the Supreme Court of Canada, Canada Soccer, Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby, Jason Devos, and the Canadian Media every opportunity to act in an appropriate, dignified, truthful manner only to be treated with such disgraceful deceit, immaturity, disrespect, sloth, incompetence, cowardice and cruelty.

My unrelenting confronting and labeling now are issues for the perpetrators to reconcile not for Paul J James to have to justify.

On my recent excursion and stay in the nations capital I visited the awe inspiring building you call your home. I would meditate on the benches at the back over the looking the escarpment. In doing so I had visions of throwing stones at the Statutes. Like Confronting seeks Truth through addressing the culprits of such deplorable deceit and obstruction of justice so do the metaphorical stones seek Truth through breaking through the statue facade representing liberty and justice.


And so.

As Supreme Court Justices like Looney-Toon cartoon characters please start rummaging in your vast chest and files on procedures, rules and laws. The planet has put a man on the moon. Police officers can can shoot the eyelids off a fly from two miles off. You can find the correct reasons, rules, laws and procedures to address the James vs York University matter in its entirety and expeditiously. Start with extraordinary circumstances for example. You will find through forensic rummaging and due diligence that York University and their counsel have forfeited any hope of rebuttal. This is not about the matter being delegated back to the Human Rights Tribunal. The Respondents have exhausted their obstruction of justice strategies. They had their opportunity to do what was the right and they like Mary Ormsby and Bob Rae elected to side with "evil", immorality.

To repeat. To any argument on your part that my pleads to you now and over the past 6 months - over 400 pages - are not in line with protocol, then I say to you,

"If my Auntie had balls she'd be my Uncle". A torrid unacceptable excuse from an unacceptable corrupted, arrogant, complacent mindset.

Just like I say to the HRTO adjudicator Paul Aterman who tried to stitch/suggest among other outrageous colluded statements, manipulations and deceit, that Paul J James left York University to write an e-book on Crack Cocaine addiction rather stay in a life long passion and career earning six figure salary. To the level of stupidity upon which that gem derives, I repeat,

"If my Auntie had balls she'd be my Uncle". Another excuse. And I could and will if necessary line up a list of a thousand more of the scapegoating excuses away from the truth.

Start a social movement after ten years of a ruined life, mistreatment and abuse on a subject matter that simply does not fit the movement category because it really is so stigmatized. "If my Auntie had balls she'd be my Uncle". Another scapegoating excuse.

Canada has become addicted to social causes. Yet another layer of non-responsibility passed onto the masses - whom you deem dumb and dumber - in order to mitigate errors and responsibilities of the Establishment class. York University have been appalling, gutless and reckless. They need to be held accountable. Canada's youth depend on it.


Message of Clarity

The previous two email correspondences from Paul J James to the Honorable court, outline all that need be understood on the extensive impropriety which has occurred in this matter, the implications of which are significant, as an understatement. If international policing authorities and/or an unbiased RCMP were to investigate the Paul J James story - just over the past decade - it will reveal appalling social injustice, ruthless cruel treatment, and such unnecessary suffering right up to and including the present day.

And the biggest part of the injustice is the cover up of Truth by the Canadian establishment most recently - the past two years - quarter backed by Bob Rae and the Toronto Star. It is unfathomable that someone with such extraordinary intellect can make the decision to use it so unwisely and inhumanely as Bob Rae has done here in part to defend his friend - former General Counsel at York University Harriet Lewis. The latter person who made the immoral fated dreadful decision to not resolve the matter back in 2012 but rather to recklessly lie and corrupt.

And as a consequence. Paul J James is, now requesting the Supreme Court of Canada Justices stand shoulder to shoulder with your former leader's comments.

"The honorable court does make mistakes. And when we do and are confronted we look to correct those mistakes, expeditiously".

Ironically, Ms. McLaughlin was the adjudicating justice in the James vs York University claim in spite of her very own "unhealthy distance" with York University legal counsel McCarthy Tetrault. Out of respect to the Honorable Justices' contributions to Canada as highlighted along with other great Canadian women at the permanent exhibition site in Ottawa, this is not an issue I will pursue at this time. It does add however, yet another layer of how far reaching the harm York University have delivered, extends.


I formally present the following options for the Honorable Supreme Court of Canada,

1. Review, correct in full and take accountability for the social injustices in the James vs York University human rights discrimination claim. And you do so expeditiously. In full, equates to the Honorable court addressing the merits of the case which have been egregiously, corruptly, and improperly "ruled upon" not just through the Canadian courts but in the public domain. And this to the complete detriment of the health and well being of the Canadian public and the complete ruination of Paul J James.

Ruling Truthfully now will help millions of Canadian citizens live better lives. Status Quo and you will forever be cast as cheats on this matter.

In ruling truthfully, the honorable court will cement that substance disabilities are protected under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms using the catchall wording mental disability. It will assist persons suffering behind closed doors to destigmatize themselves at times when they may need support for problematic substance issues instead of being paralyzed in fear of coming forward because of the oppression that awaits if they are exposed.

This has never been about changing the Law as egregiously and falsely contended by the Toronto Star on September 8, 2018 on my behalf. No. The James vs York University human rights claim was always about applying the law that was/is in place now. Ethically.


2. To recommend a solution for immediate resolution which benefits ALL Canadian citizens in this matter. Again. The planet has put a man on the moon. The Supreme Court of Canada has the intellectual capacity to take charge, find a solution and do what is right. No one needs reminding that we have 11 over dose deaths a day in Canada. The greatest preventable immorality of ALL time. And you cannot get improvement without getting to the Truth on the subject matter.

To put things in immaculate perspective for the Honorable court. Had you not have made the "errors" you have made as outlined in the two prior correspondences. Had you have been Honorable and executed your responsibilities appropriately back in January 2016 then I would still have my dog Max, Ashley as a partner and I would not have had to subject myself to such humiliation as outlined in the following links one of which highlights a video from Xmas Eve 2018 where I slept outside as homeless person.

Just a fraction of the immorality delivered onto one Canadian citizen.

May I remind the Honorable court I am not a convicted terrorist who suffered infringement of his human rights over a three years period through torture. Rather I am a three time inductee into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame having represented Canada one hundred times who opened up to his employer needing understanding and support for a mental health issue. Rather than receive this however, Paul J James has spent a decade in one tortuous circumstance after another including through permanent isolation, ostracism, starvation, sleep deprivation, unrelenting uncertainty, enormous distress, defamation, slander, unemployment, outrageous ridicule, unlawful intimidation, obliterated privacy etc, et al.

My request that you instigate the RCMP on this human rights matter and the abuse delivered to a Canadian citizen stands. The level of intimidation and abuse of Paul J James's civil and human rights has traveled far beyond the threshold of ever being acceptable.

Canadian society need to be made aware of what has occurred here and not a perverted, corrupted version..


Paul J James

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