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Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices, Asking the Right Questions; When the Cat is Away the Mice wil

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

James vs York University Docket Number (#36795).

How are your Xmas preparations going? Want to know how mine are?

Conclusion First: Paul J James will never remain in Canada. I will either die fighting for social justice or leave once justice is served. I will never live in a country where York University, Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby, the Toronto Star reside. The threshold of "acceptable abuse" has long passed.

Asking the Right Questions

Would it make a difference to you if I were to lace myself up with a vest loaded with explosives, walk onto the campus at York University and detonate it?

Would it make a difference to you if I were to take an assault rifle and maim and kill the culprits of such injustice, intimidation, ruthless and brutal abusive treatment?

Would it make a difference if I was to attend the Supreme Court address in Ottawa dose myself with petrol and then set myself a light?

Will it make a difference to you if - at the end of this current starvation period - I cease to exist?

Would any of the aforementioned make a difference whereby you act Responsibly. Truthfully. Ethically. Do the job you are remitted to do. With adherence to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Correct what should never have taken place a decade ago.

When the Cat is Away the Mice will Run Amuck

It is not your right to be Supreme Court Justices. It is a privilege and honor for you. Start acting like it is. Canadians are losing their lives because of your incompetence and/or corruptness. Canadians have their lives ruined as a consequence of confronting social injustices to the complete advantage of the establishment class. And you sit back and do nothing. You live in an unrealistic world. A very sick world that you are a part of. You are enablers of evil acts against your very own citizens.

"When the Cat is Away the Mice will Run Amuck ". You are permanently away from serving justice and from controlling your members' behavior who enjoy a free for all. No ethics. No adherence to Laws. No morality. Never doing the Right Thing.

You have no control over your troops who have taken such extreme advantage of their power and status.

War on People

The following link highlights the consequences of the criminalization of substances on a global basis. The War on People. Take a good look.

In the Philippines the facilitator of substance dependence is atrocious societal poverty. BBC reporter Ross Kemp, "If I lived in such conditions I would be using Kat (crystal meth) as well".

My question to you is this.

What is Canada's Excuse?

For $51 billion annual economic burden because of untreated poor mental health; 11 overdose deaths a day; 11 suicides a day; 35,000 homeless; 145 deaths in the city of Toronto from cold exposure in 2018. 70 per cent of those persons exposed because of their substance use will have their positions devolved and/or removed from their employment (Paul J James poignantly illustrates the point). Once unemployed for over a year the chances of ever regaining employment above menial are negligible. 85 per cent of those who attend Rehab - five years later they are worse off in every facet of their lives. What do you have to say about that gem of statistic Honorable Justices? Again Paul J James poignantly illustrates the point.

Mental disability is now the second leading cause of disability around the world.

With consideration of the handling of the Paul J James matter what is Canada's excuse for such paucity/absence of Moral Character?


Never be a Coward....toward's a persons mental health

The Prime Minister's eloquent speech to the Canadian Parliament regarding Andrew Scheer's departure was on one side admirable. On the other side - "we Politicians are here to make the world a better place" - was dastardly hypocritical. The Prime Minister along with his side kick adviser Bob Rae and all Liberal politicians have been nothing but pure evil in their handling of the Paul J James matter. Absolutely disgusting.

They of course are controlled by the "Pedophiles of Truth", York University and Osgoode Law School and so are you.

The Mayor of the City of Toronto John Tory a few days ago poured verbal treacle all over Raptor members who in turn recited how great Canada was and how good people are. That would be the perspective of those in positions of power. The elite with monies.

When I attended the Mayor Offices trying to receive owed monies three years ago. He looked at my feet. Raised his eyes and left.

An act of Cowardice does not make one a Coward. A Cowardly act does not a person a Coward. Consistent displays of Cowardice however are the behavior of a Coward.

Never be a Coward....toward's a persons mental health. With consideration of the aforementioned and careful perusal of the it reveals the display of Cowardice in the handling and treatment of the Paul J James matter has been absolutely horrendous. And no greater illustration than Bob Rae in this regard.

The courage of those Canadians who have supported Paul J James - with no agenda - put to shame the imbeciles, who, like the two York University assistant soccer coaches back in 2008 - hang mental health over my head as if it is a machete.

Bob Rae, the Liberal Party, the Toronto Star and of course York University have behaved in a depraved sick way towards mental health. And there is no out for them.

Poverty in Moral Character

Canada the ninth wealthiest country in the world masks its Poverty of Moral Character as it does its discrimination, towards the mental health of its citizens with all the statistics to back it up. Canada does not want to accept its flaws and nor does the Canadian Judicial system, the latter a disgrace to the modern world.

Capitalism facilitates inequality. But it is the best system we have. And so it needs to be morally implemented more equitably, realistic and efficient. But only with a fair, just Judiciary can that be accomplished. Dust to dust. History will prove you and your predecessors have been dreadfully deficient in your thought processes towards substance use/issues and mental health of Canadian citizens as a whole. You have enabled such unnecessary appalling suffering and you have so with the established of a rigged and so easily corrupted process which the mice take unprecedented advantage of. York University avoid their responsibility for ruing a life because you have permitted them to do so.

Paul J James

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