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Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices, Prologue.........To Life Lesson Number 13

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

James vs York University Docket Number (#36795).

How is your rummaging going? What about your Xmas celebrations?


"Footballers live in an unrealistic world to what is the true reality

of the general population and those most marginalized".

Jurgen Klopp (2019).

Liverpool Football Club coach and manager Jurgen Klopp upon receiving the 2018/19 FIFA World Manager of the Year award announced he would be leading, as an ambassador, FIFA's new social responsibility initiative, the Common Goal movement, to assist those around the world in oppressed disadvantaged positions. He encouraged universally all professional soccer players to follow his lead and donate one percent of their salaries in perpetuity. Not an insignificant amount of money.

You will be hard pressed to find a more popular, talented, humane, lovable character and sporting manager than Jurgen Klopp.

Most football managers are just that. Football managers. Very few are leaders. Jurgen Klopp is not just a leader. He is an exquisite one. In spite of all his success he never loses perspective on his humanity, humility and his willingness to display it. It is the 'X' factor advantage he has on other managers. On other leaders. His players are a representation of himself. He can extract blood out of a stone from an already talented group of athletes. Jurgen Klopp took the path of Most Resistance in getting to his position today. The complete opposite of so many in Canada who have elevated themselves on a forty five degree angle - through Bad Politicking. Achievement of incompetence, hypocrisy, fraudulence and broad inefficiencies the consequence.

Juxtapose the Common Goal Initiative with what is currently taking place for example in the Province of Ontario under the leadership of Doug Ford and the Provincial Conservatives. Cutbacks on the most marginalized, oppressed and disadvantaged. Persons whom if they are lucky receive $1300 per month. TTC charge $3.50 a ride.

Rather than use ingenuity to generate, which requires competence, "we" instead cut. Incompetence, immorality and inhumanity from persons born into wealth who have no idea what it is to be poor, marginalized, disadvantaged, oppressed yet make decisions on the segments destiny.

Dr Jordan Peterson the Canadian intellect falls far, far short of Jurgen Klopp and so does the intellectually brilliant Bob Rae who, in spite of horrendous deficiencies in the handling the Paul J James matter he has given an absolute Masterclass on taking "hits for the team" in protecting the Canadian establishment. Peterson and Rae while confirming that capitalism as a system is the only realistic and viable model for harmonious, equitable existence - at least it is the best we have, better than anything else - they nevertheless concede it still produces vast inequalities. Yet. In spite of their intellectual capacities they seemingly have no answers on how to solve the vast immoral disparities and where they derive.

Well. Looking in the mirror would be a good start. Then looking at the Paul J James story organically and forensically and you will have some unpleasant answers.

It is one thing to be able to read, philosophize and meditate for years in order to try to solve problems. Without practical experience you have nothing. Rather you have conjecture combined with very limited "technical specificity" and competence. And what that achieves all too often is the wrong answers which then perpetuates itself through a bad politic, corrupted mindset to defend the ego.

Societies can learn much from their top sporting coaches. On how to coach and galvanize people. How to solve complex problems. How to adapt. How to be passionate. How to deal with adversity and survive. To still find humor in spite of so much distress. And how to never give in. It has permitted Paul J James to still be breathing in December of 2019

When Socrates had his moment he capitulated and gave in. Perhaps if he had, at the time, Olympiakos FC to support or the Premier League to watch, things may have been different for him. Yet our highest Canadian intellects still reference and abide to such antiquated and destructive mindsets as Machiavelli - the bedside reading of Stalin before his purges.

Given the opportunity Jurgen Klopp would have handled the Paul J James matter swiftly, with humanity and with class. He would have done the right thing many years ago.

Meanwhile in Canada from what I can see most Canadians at the establishment level do not excuse themselves from the dinner table as earlier as they should. A lesson in there somewhere for you, if you dare confront it. For the record I am not prejudiced on appearances. After starving myself for so long I would prefer to look portly the rest of my life rather than thin.

After living in accommodations for the past 14 days it is back onto the street today and along with it, as with the thousands of other homeless people, Sleep Deprivation will begin to kick in. Sleep Deprivation you should know was set at a maximum of 72 hours as a severe torture strategy of the US military on contained suspected terrorists. It was found to be more effective however to keep waking persons up intermittently because it was more painful for them. A replication of what it is to be homeless.

I end this contribution with the poignant irony to you as Supreme Court of Canada Justices. Paul J James applied for Leave to Appeal to the Honorable court on January 4, 2016. It is now December 12, 2019. During that time frame 14,000 Canadians have been killed by Opioid overdose.

Honorable Supreme Court of Canada Justices, York University, Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby, Canadian Politicians and the Canadian media you should hold your heads in utter shame. You have played your part. Don't worry about what is going on in other countries. In Canada, with such advantages the immorality is far greater as a consequence. Michael Kirby warned you all about Stigma back in 2004. And the Stigma of Drug Addiction threads everything. You have failed us. You have buckets of blood on your hands.

Paul J James

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