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Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices, how are your Xmas preparations going?

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

James vs York University Docket Number (#36795).

How are your Xmas preparations going?

Conclusions First: After ten years fighting for social justice my soccer career is permanently over. So is my life in Canada. A complete waste of a life time dedication, commitment and passion. A repeat of Billie Holiday 70 years on. As you know by now I have an intense righteous dislike for the nation. We are a complete illusion. The Canadian establishment class are an absolute disgrace to humanity in their handling of the Paul J James matter. The outrage I feel towards you, York University, Canada Soccer, the Canadian media, Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby, the Toronto Star indescribable. You are disgusting people. Bob Rae the epitome of evil. The quintessential spoiled brat. Who will do anything to get his own way. The Canadian Establishment class fawn over power and wealth. In the western world money gains you power. In the underdeveloped world power gains you money. In either case money and power corrupt. It is the reason why in Canada you have such unnecessary inequality, preventable unnecessary suffering. It is where capitalism fails. You suffocate and terrorize your own citizens as a part of the Judicial mandate. President Barack Obama is correct about old Caucasian men in politics and/or positions of power. They are a scourge. Mining of the Paul J James writings over the past three years it is a conclusion I came to some time ago. Canada is the worse of all G8 countries with regard to taking care of its marginalized citizens. The status has been earned and warranted. Knowing the Truth of my circumstances and what has happened. In receipt of what such despicable treatment. How do you think I feel?

Exposed mental disability in 2019 and Canada deal with it in this way. Diabolical. Pathetic. Criminal. Depraved. People should be fired. Some charged with crimes. York University, Canada Soccer, the Toronto Star, Bob Rae and Mary Ormsby should be held accountable in their sternest possible way.

Asking the Right Questions

Why is the Supreme Court of Canada a part of covering up the Truth in the James vs York University Docket Number (#36795)?

Why have you not corrected the social injustice?

Why have you insisted on ignoring the Paul J James matter?

How long are you going to ignore this matter?

Why have you not initiated the RCMP to investigate the Paul J James matter to the benefit of ALL Canadian citizens? To investigate York University, Osgoode Law School, Malcolm Mercer, James Maloney, Deborah Schulte, Jonathan Odumeru, Naomi Calla, Barry Swadron, Tess Sheldon, Toby Young, Lisa Constantine, Bree Carr-Harris, Jamie Teixeria, Jenn Myers, JP Savage, Bob Rae, Mahmoud Shoukri, Harriet Lewis, Pat Murray, Gillian McCullough, Anne Marie Owens, Colin Perkel, Jason Devos, Terry Dunfield, Andrew Oliveri, David Norman, Richard Whittall, Gregor Young, Ben Massy, John Molinaro, Anthiony Torterra, Mary Ormsby and the Toronto Star. All as a good starting point.

Do you know that ignoring someone who is seeking to make Truth transparent on such an important issue is to ruthlessly use a stigmatized weapon. It is to brutally scapegoat? Do you comprehend we are living ion the year 2019 and not the 1970's?

Can you not see the repugnant immorality and unlawfulness of what you as the Supreme Court of Canada are a part of?

Are you not Cowards in this matter?

Do you not see the buckets of blood you have on your hands for so many years ignoring Dr Bruce Alexanders findings that substance issue at a problematic level is a societal issue - one of Social isolation?

Are you beginning to come to terms with what you have permitted to take place in your own country? The savagery?

Does it not bother you that the Canadian Judicial system is responsible for killing Canadian citizens on a grand scale?

The Canadian Judiciary is ranked behind Angola and Bangladesh. Does that not bother you? Do you have any pride?

Can you inform the Canadian public that there is, in fact, No Law which prevents a person being diagnosed with a substance use disorder? It should not be a prison sentence. Nor should it warrant internment. Rather, in fact, those who are diagnosed are protected under section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be treated equally and fairly.

With that in mind.

How do you explain, Honorable Justices, not only the obliteration of the human rights of Paul J James for the past decade but the complete assassination of a Canadian citizen in every aspect of his life including facilitation from you yourselves at the Honorable court?

Can you explain to the Canadian Public WHY you return all documentation requesting a reconsideration of a dismissed leave to appeal (so that any impropriety, cover-up, collusion, false narrative of the process will not be a part of the public record - nor will the agenda of the system be exposed publicly on any one issue)

Are the Liberal Government permitted to track Canadian citizens to gather information on their life path?

After thorough due diligence of the Paul J James matter and its unequivocal Truth how can you explain the savagery of the September 8, 2019 Toronto Star article? The comments regarding my relationship with Ashley Anne Kelly and the Singapore episode? The latter with verification from the RCMP's recorded testimony back in 1988 will confirm that under oath and through the court proceedings I testified to my playing as best I could against North Korea - I never took money I gave back $10,000 to the conspirators. I dealt with a very difficult circumstance as best I could.

Supreme Court Justices. How long have you been clean? (Hint: Alcohol is a Drug - Malcolm Gladwell 2019)

When was the last time you used? (Hint: Alcohol is a Drug - Malcolm Gladwell 2019)

How long have you been sober? (Hint: Alcohol is a Drug - Malcolm Gladwell 2019)

You are all Addicts. Tough to hear I know. But tough love is required. You have been on this addicted destructive path of not delivering justice for so long now. It has to stop. You have been totally irresponsible. But everyone deserves a second chance. Who am I to deny you that. You can attend meetings whereby your anonymity will be guaranteed because they hare hosted in boiler rooms and church basements. After a month of being clean you receive a ribbon. After two months you receive a medallion. Of course you will relapse because your disorder is chronic. You are diseased. You are sick. I know what you are thinking. But please you are merely talking to my hand. You cannot remain in denial forever.

Back to the matter.

What about citizens who provide false testimony in their submissions?

Is there a law, rule or procedure against that? Is it permissible to LIE through the Canadian Judiciary? Yes or No will suffice please.

Is it unlawful also to submit false testimony on behalf of someone who the Respondent never even spoke to? As with Bree Carr-Harris the assistant soccer coach who cruelly excommunicated with myself, family and York University soccer program because I could not reciprocate her romantic feelings towards Paul J James.

With regard to the Jenn Myers LIE denying she knew I was suffering mental distress/disability in order to avoid for her discriminatory acts, how do justify on that fact alone, that this matter has not been resolved? It is now 2019?

Have you ever slept in a 30 dollar a night rooming house? In the accompaniment of bed bugs and cockroaches?

After all what you how do you think Paul J James feels? You know I know the Truth. Outrage is how I feel just as Bob Rae predicted at the outset when he excommunicated within three weeks of my knowing him.

It is you at the Canadian Establishment level who are sick. Not Paul J James and millions of others.


Tomorrow: My circumstances in a page; Terrorizing Your own citizens: Uncertainty; Isolation; Sleep Deprivation; Starvation, Distress. Why Confronting the Stigma of Drug Addiction.

Paul J James

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