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Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices, Leaving Canada

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

James vs York University Docket Number (#36795).

Agnes Callamard, who investigated the killing for the United Nations, condemned the trial as a “mockery of justice”

"The fact that the chain of command and the state have not been investigated means that the system that made it possible for Jamal Khashogi to be killed has not been touched".

Leaving Canada

Your ongoing refusal to address the James vs York University Docket Number (#36795) including answering the question: "was the administration and adjudication of the James claim before the honorable court based on incompetence or corruptness (bad faith)", well then, after completing a few final letters of transparency, Paul J James will now leave Canada never to return. I refuse to die of starvation here among such indignity. The task will be completed elsewhere.

I will arrive in a country not so depraved. So disgusting. So despicable. So appallingly corrupt. A country which does not house the institution York University. Canada Soccer. The Supreme Court of Canada. McCarthy Tretault. Malcolm Mercer. Lorna Marsden. Harriet Lewis, JP Savage, Pat Santini. The Toronto Star. The CBC. The National Post. Mary Ormsby. Among others. Including most especially Bob Rae - the most malevolent individual I have had the misfortune to have met over a lifetime. The "devil incarnate" in his handling of the matter.


I have requested the Canadian judicial/political systems to respect and protect the human rights of Paul J James. To even ignite the RCMP to investigate the matter. You have ignored seven years of requests. You have watched the humiliation of such personal sacrifice. You have ignored everything. The Liberal Government including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have instead made a mockery of the matter. The government are now completely complicit in protecting York University; in obstructing justice and in infringing on the privacy of Paul J James - becoming obsessed with whether he uses a substance to the point you have communicated and scapegoated to others that I have, I do so and that I am mentally ill and sick for doing so. The ultimate most painful scapegoating tactic used to camouflage the resilience and ingenuity which stares you down in confronting the totally immoral social injustices.

The true reality is this:

It is you who are troubled. Sick people. Disturbing institutions living in a very sick world. It is not Paul J James.

Bob Rae

Bob Rae while proving to be the Canadian Establishments mitigator has sadly, in the twilight of his life, proven also to be his very own Machiavellian "undoing". No matter what impression he tries to give to the contrary - Bob Rae is no humanitarian. He has delivered all the traits of a psychopath in the Paul J James matter. From the day he pushed a tissue box in front of my face 32 days after starving down to 132 lbs. His excommunication once I confronted his immediate "letting me down" when he disingenuously refused to take the claim back to the Supreme Court of Canada and/or seek resolution as he had previously promised; the complete torpedoing of the James family - the family I will never communicate with again; the corrupt manipulation and Brutus stabs in the back from Mike Young and Kelly Kidwell in California; to quarter backing the Toronto Star savagery and defamation; to the managing of his "minion devils", Lori Johal, John Fitzgerald, "Telephone Box Man", Jim Panno, Colin Perkel et al; to the elimination of evidence, to the disgusting infringement of the privacy of Paul J James including having me tracked, searched, spreading news about substance use and all this and more, among such appalling deceit beginning within minutes of our meeting, Bob stating, he had "no relationship with the Liberal Party". The recipient of an Order of Canada dealing with a personal issue of such importance in a manner which gives him such pleasure but which delivers such depravity. A person who single handedly has caused more distress to the life of Paul J James in such a short space of time than anyone else. Carpet bombing every bit of ingenuity Paul J James presented in search for swift justice and resolution because after all we are dealing with mental disability of such horrible consequences. Bob cannot see the unbelievable cruelty of his behavior because he cannot feel emotion. He has nothing. The perfect recruit for York University and a system so disgracefully corrupt. Most egregious and depraved was Bob Rae using the "crackhead mentality" with Mike Young and Kelly Kidwell from California in the summer of 2018 and March 2019 (TSN) to try to ruthlessly intimidate Paul J James to follow the path they wanted which was to compromise the Truth and Justice of the matter to the detriment of all other citizens with similar circumstances. To thwart the reality. To bastardize the Truth and Justice after 100 years of such immorality is to act as the devil himself.

Sunday December 21, 2019 evening at 5.40pm

I walk into the gritty Tom Horton's at Bathurst and Queen. I had a long coat on covering my unclothed skeletal thin body. Shoes with no socks.

Ten minutes later I get physically assaulted. Face to face with the attacker I wanted to rip him to pieces I have the outrage inside. Moral restraint, control and smarts the barriers to my not doing so.

When you are brutalized; treated as a worthless individual and invalid and you dare confront it - there is simply no way out. Your human rights do not exist nor are they respected in Canada - the opposite of what Canadian politicians promote on a global basis. Imagine if I had confronted the assailant. The pristine scapegoat would be implemented. Substance use. Mental illness. Both wrong.

Instead I contacted Toronto Police. Detective Jeff Diamond arrived at the coin laundry where I retreated. A credit to the Toronto Police force. A really nice, professional man. He took a statement and promised to review the video. It is the world in which I now live. I have been assaulted half a dozen times over the past 10 years and had every item of value stolen including a bag of recent items purchased. Yet I report nothing.

Carmine Isacco

Meanwhile. The coat I wear was given by Carmine Isacco the Master soccer coach at York University. A moment of immense kindness along with his hiring Paul J James for a few coaching sessions. The juxtaposed position of the stigma of accepting the gifts so profound as I had recruited Carmine a decade earlier at York University before the social injustices, discrimination and cruelty really started kicking in.

Deteriorating Country - Annulment of Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame Status

As Canada's highest court you should be ashamed of your roles in the deteriorating country in which you reside. You have been disgraceful in your approach and refusal to correct what should never have happened a decade ago. You appear cowardly puppets to an out of control system. You do not have my respect, sympathy or admiration. Out on the horizon of Canadian society trouble awaits. Further disaster to which you are seemingly oblivious to.

The answer to the question I have posited to you for transparency to the Canadian public - Incompetence or Corrupt (bad faith)? - the answer of course is Corrupt (bad faith). An institution of course would not be so incompetent. And most certainly not on three occasions with one file including having the Chief Justice adjudicate a claim she was too "close with" in regards to the Respondent York University/McCarthy Tretault.

Final Nail in the Coffin Toronto Star article

In reality the Toronto Star article written and released on September 8, 2018 was the final nail in the coffin of Paul J James ever remaining in Canada. The level of collusion, immorality, evilness, human indecency, indignity and selfishness behind that particular particular project surpassing even Canada Soccer's eventual annulment of Paul J James as a member of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame in February of 2019 without ever consulting their board of directors or making public the reasons why I would request/leverage the designation in trying to access social justice. Canada Soccer are firmly entrenched in the cover-up of the Truth in this human rights matter of such significance. The organization should not be hosting a FIFA World Cup at any level nor alone the 2026 Men's World Cup.

Outraged and Distressed.

I am distressed and outraged at my circumstances. What do you expect? A decade of my life has been corruptly and completely eviscerated. Every item, status and asset. If you looked at the Paul J James story it would be abnormal not to be angry. Abused at every level. The Toronto Stars refusal to take down the article the purest form of evidence.


Life over the past decade has been a narrative of unadulterated Torture: Social Isolation; Starvation; Unrelenting uncertainty; Sleep Deprivation; Unfathomable Distress, Public Humiliation; Defamation; Slander; Back Stabbing; Manipulations, Unemployment, Loss of career, Appalling Obstruction of Justice; Deceit; Discrimination; Prejudice and outrageous scapegoating, punishment and ridicule.

People at York University, Bob Rae and throughout the Liberal Party using substance use over my head like a whip when they have no idea what they are talking about, doing or the repercussions of their behavior. The cruelty unimaginable.

And as a consequence.

Again. I hate Canada as a nation and I am ashamed of ever representing the nation as a soccer player and coach. I do not hate as an extremist, racist or bigot. I hate Canada as an intense dislike of the spoiled, fake, greedy, malevolent, irresponsible and cowardly nation it has become. A country of sloth. York University and the Canadian Judicial system along with the behavior of Canadian lawyers in this matter being the fulcrum to this reality.

Grateful to those supporters

I will however be forever grateful to those supporters who have stood by Paul J James unconditionally through this hell on earth nightmare and with no agenda beyond assisting Paul J James in his pursuit of social justice. Leslie Wilson a person I was always awkward around has turned out to be an absolutely beautiful, kind man in regard to Paul J James. Les, Bruce Twamley and Kevin Muldoon were right all along about character. I truly regret not being happy enough in my own skin to have not recognized it at the level I should have at the time.

In spite of the pain I feel from the current starvation and ongoing social isolation I do wish you prosperous New Year.


Paul J James

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