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Terrorizing Your own citizens: Uncertainty; Isolation; Sleep Deprivation; Starvation, Distress. Wh

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

James vs York University Docket Number (#36795).

How are your Xmas preparations going?

Your non-response towards my ongoing requests for the Honorable Court to intervene in this matter - not least because you have been a part of the "cover-up" of Truth and Justice - is as irresponsible as all that has proceeded it.

Do York University and the Liberal Government really control the Honorable Court as well?

How can you possibly expect the Canadian public to respect the court if you behave as you have in the Paul J James matter.

Do I need to re-send the previous email correspondences to highlight again how simple your incompetence and/or corruption in the handling of the James vs York University claim has been?

This is about the Rule of Law.

Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Persons with a diagnosed mental disability must be treated equally and fairly. Not only have I not been treated equally and fairly my human rights have been obliterated and abused at every level of Canadian society.

The One Year Delay for filing a human rights discrimination claim permits Applicants a Reasonable Explanation in the event they file after the deadline. The Paul J James matter before for the court proves unequivocally. Incontrovertibly, the One Year Delay is a harmful, discriminatory systemic barrier used by lawyers, law firms and organizations to take advantage of citizens and a system of justice and fairness.

It is why York University immorally and arrogantly refused to settle their improprieties and errors in 2012 when fairly and responsibly given the opportunity. Rather instead they decided to LIE on the main thread of proving discrimination before the courts knowing they could control a corrupt system and collude with their conspirators including within the Canadian media. When I confronted the injustices they then set about to ruin a life. It is where inequality begins in Capitalism societies. Recklessness, arrogance and corruptness of the elite class who believe they are entitled to get away with anything. Bob Rae, the worst person I have encountered over a lifetime, exemplifies this. You and he get your own way, irrespective of the level of such unnecessary suffering and injustice which has taken place.

The Paul J James explanation for filing a human rights discrimination claim after the deadline date - through personal and family testimony, expert opinion from around the world and psycho analyst Linda Perlis - passed the threshold of Reasonable by an almighty chasm to any reasonably minded person. The embarrassment of this reality is now on you as Justices at the Supreme Court of Canada to correct, for which, to date you have refused. In the world in which I live, it is, itself, a human rights offence.

Paul J James has afforded the system every opportunity to act ethically and by the Rule of Law. Yet you have deliberately avoided and refused to behave and conduct yourself responsibly.

When the dust finally settles on this matter it will be illuminated the Supreme Court of Canada Justices have have failed on a matter so simple and straightforward to have resolved. On a matter of such importance to the Canadian public. The treatment of persons with substance/mental disabilities in Canada is all over the place. It is chaos. It is why we are the worst of all G8 countries.

With the deepest respect to the positions you hold, the efforts and passion which has driven you to be where you are today, you should nevertheless, now, be removed from your roles. Put out to pasture. Thanked for your contributions to Canadian society.

You must make way for fresh, modern more progressive minds. More ethical, moral and trustworthy. Peron's who will not be corrupted by Bad Politics. In tune with the reality of the modern world where a society and justice system do not destroy/terrorize/assassinate its very own citizens in denying them fair access to social justice.

As it stands the Supreme Court of Canada have made mockery of the system. You act, as a part of the establishment class, as entitled. You are entitled to nothing when you behave in such a way. Black Lives Matter. So do ALL Lives matter. The life of Paul J James mattered. It has been ruined and still, you do nothing.

Paul J James

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