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Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices, What Bob Rae Facilitated; Absurdities (part two)

January 8, 2020

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

James vs York University Docket Number (#36795)

What Bob Rae Facilitated

Methodologies for gauging the character/integrity/credibility of persons you are "engaged" with over a period of time. The following on Paul J James' interactions with Bob Rae highlight a consistency of delaying obstructing social justice.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey) Debits (Negative) Credits (Positive)

Talking to Strangers (Malcolm Gladwell) Consistencies/Inconsistencies

Soccer Coaching (Paul J James) Positive/Negatives

December 2017 & Beyond

Emaciated from Hunger Strike protest had Initial meeting with Bob Rae who traveled and spent three hours with Paul J James in the presence of Kevin Tierney Positive

Prior to meeting Bob asked Kevin Tierney if I was still using. Highly inappropriate scapegoating loaded question. Huge Negative

Did not ask Paul J James questions Negative

Stated he was not a part of the Liberal Party and not there on their behalf - deceitful (50 plus letters had been sent to the Prime Minister from PJJ supporters a few weeks earlier) Negative

Stated Harriet Lewis/Lorna Marsden General Counsel at York University and Past President were colleagues and friends of his - both of whom I had met in 2011. Both who were a part of the decision making process to not resolve the matter Negative

Hours after the meeting sent Bob Rae an email turning down his request to end the starvation protest.

The negatives were consistent with an agenda not to the benefit of resolving the Paul J James matter and the greater good of ALL others.

Three days later met Bob Rae a second time after he and Tom Harrington's (CBC) requested to meet again.

"Paul I disagree with all of York Universities decisions throughout" Positive

"Paul I disagree with all of the Judicial process decisions. You have been treated very, very badly" Positive

"Paul what happened in Singapore was always going to be traumatic for you. You were in a no-win situation. You did the best you could at the time" Positive

"I Can pick up phone to any to any University President and they take my call" Judgement Remained Pending

Bob stated, "Wont let you down" as we shook hands and I agreed to end hunger strike Judgement Remained Pending

When choked, the Despicable Me in Bob, revealed itself as he untimely pushed the Tissue Box in my direction highlighting his lack of a fully functioning amygdala and ignorance of the social phenomena. Negative

A few days later Bob Rae took PJJ for lunch at Ginger Noodle House but I had trouble finishing the soup - a consequence of stomach pains from Starvation. He was charming. A handsome Despicable Me kind of charm. Positive

Gave Bob Rae "Chasing the Scream" Book by Johann Hari emphasizing the importance of solving the Isolation conundrum - the problem and WHY question to resolve Judgement Remained Pending

Few days later went to my sisters tentatively/nervously thinking the matter was coming to end and the nightmare would finally end. For two weeks had some hope. Family's can be the worse of all stigmatizes because they feel the shame at a different level than those directly stigmatized and so it was still difficult staying with my sister. I slept on her couch.

Over the Xmas period sent Bob an email asking if he knew Monique Begin. He returned within a minute and said Yes very well. I sent an immediate reply stating what do you think of this quote she made in 2010. “Adding social sciences evidence we now have accumulated indisputable evidence that social injustice is killing Canadians on a grand scale”. He never responded. Considering the PJJ circumstance it was an Inconsistency. Negative. There should have been meaningful dialogue. Not a good sign was my thought. It would prove to be sage.

Did not hear from Bob for over 10 days and so contacted for a meeting when he returned. I felt uneasy in front of my father and sister whom I had persuaded Bob would not let us down.

When the elevator doors opened to his office reception area and I saw Bob's body language and face the blood drained from my body. "I can only give you 30 minutes Paul". Not good was my thought. Negative.

"Cant go back too Supreme Court. We can write to York University but they may not respond. So lets get you back on your feet". It wasn't about the oppressed stereotyped get you back on your feet. I can do that on my own. It was another ruse/con. And I had known all along it could back to the Supreme Court of Canada. Why a Rhodes Scholar could not was not a good sign of Bob's agenda and integrity Huge Negative

"If you are going to be so Truthful then I cannot help you" Negative

"We need to get back you into the soccer industry" Not without justice. Otherwise what was the point of the past decade and how does society develop from that. Scrutiny, discrimination, prejudice would continue unabated. Non starter. Negative

"Gave Bob Rae "Chasing the Scream" Book by Johann Hari emphasizing the importance of solving the Isolation conundrum now could be adjusted from Judgement Remained Pending to Negative. Bob would have been aware from reading the book that one of the weapons of stigma is that persons can no longer make decisions for themselves. People make them for you. Had Bob asked, "Paul would you like to get back into the soccer industry". I would have said, "only with justice being served".

Addressed the circumstance on website for transparency after what I had previously communicated to them positively about Bob Rae.

Then Bob Sent an email ruthlessly Excommunicating with PJJ stating "there was no Trust. Your mind will be your undoing" - an evil thumbscrew seed planted as he knew that my ongoing righteous frustration and anger he could cultivate and scapegoat as mental illness, substance use etc al. This approach rather than take responsibility, engage and find a solution to address the injustice with integrity to his "client" rather than protecting York University. Huge Negative.

"I Can pick up phone to any to any University President and they take my call" now could be adjusted from Judgement Remained Pending to Negative

It was an opportunity to be direct and honest with his intentions to PJJ. Instead he used Paul as a scapegoat. His intent was to get PJJ off hunger strike and then to mitigate York University's and the Canadian Establishments accountability.

Hillsborough Disaster Video replicating the horror of capitalism's injustice methodologies which eerily paralleled the James vs York University process was sent by Peyvand to Bob Rae. It disappeared from all internet sources. Negative

When I contacted Mike Young to track one down he brushed it off, saying he couldn't find it and for me to move on from it. I was suspicious of Mikes response.

Bob stated in a subsequent email that my family was amazing after he spoke with them behind my back Huge Negative.

Bob inappropriately interfered in an area he was totally ignorant of. Two years earlier my sister had thrown all my soccer mementos away in the garbage and my father labelled me to be sick when I looked for support from him for my sisters cruelty. At Xmas 2017 just after I had met Bob my father whom I had not seen in 3 years when I tried to make conversation stated, "is this going to be the short or long version". Outside being so rude it was a sign of my fathers ignorance of what social Isolation does to people. My father could not camouflage his disgust of his son for embarrassing his ego and taking away his ability to watch the teams I had coached in the past.

"Wont let you down" now could be adjusted from Judgement Remained Pending to Massive Negative

Summer 2018 almost died. Starvation, kidney stone and accompanying pain - on floor at Filmore's in front of public having vomited everywhere. 128 lbs. Waiting for ambulance Kevin Tierney texts' Bob for Doctor assistance of Dr Abe. Bob replies, "Hes not my doctor. Get Paul to walk into the clinic". He could not have been more callous. 30 minutes later I am in an ambulance. Huge Negative.

Colin Perkel from the Canadian Press ignited from Bob Rae's Rolodex sent a scathing email to email list serve stating I was mentally ill, sick and in need of intervention and had been so for some time. My father replies and agrees I am sick and thanks Colin Perkel for getting involved. Bob sitting back one assumes enjoying the circumstance with the knowledge if I had in fact died he was covered. Huge Negative. Ended any possible chance of family reconciliation. Carnage irretrievable.

Summer 2018 Mike Young calls and inquires if he can contact Bob Rae as by now I was close to one hundred days of fasting/starvation. Pain so bad almost not worth living. Hell on earth. I said definitely not he is not to be trusted.

Out of the blue get a call. From Mike Young. He states three persons had called him on the same day from Canada telling him Paul J James is a bad character. Still uses Crack Cocaine. Is a Crackhead and to stay well away from him. It was apparently a former coach and player and someone who was a supporter of soccer. Three days later in the elevator with Bob Rae and Kevin Tierney for a hastily arranged meeting at Bob's office. Bob only talked to Kevin in the elevator did not even look at me. I observed the unmistakable look of contempt in Bob's face. Not a good sign.

Ten Minutes later, Bob spoke, "Well we cant go back to the Supreme Court of Canada. York University will not settle so what about your friend Mike Young". I thought I had hit by lightening and a two by four plank of wood. My ability to observe correctly after so many years of ridicule, my nature and personality along with coaching poor teams which required the right characters i knew in an instance that Mike and Kelly had been talking to Bob and that the Crackhead calls from Canada to Mike had not taken place. Rather it was an intimidation ploy from the two of them. Huge Negative. I flew out my chair and gave a passionate speech, "Canada is a disgrace. We need pulling up by our fucking bootstraps.......

When Bob interjected and said Kevin was an enabler I kissed Kevin on the head, "Kevin is one of the best people I have met over a life time...if more Canadians were like him and the Paul J James supporters the country would be a far better place. I upped the ante in terms of my passion slammed my hand down on the table and left - stop scapegoating! Two other lawyers came running from their offices to see what the fuss was about. Apparently the walls were either very thin or my voice penetrated them, "its okay, guys I love Bob Rae I just don't appreciate how he is going about this..." Negative

April 2019. The Long walk to Ottawa. 400 km in ten days. Day six arriving in Shabot Lake after walking 44 miles in one day. Shattered I open the TSN video highlighting a part of the walk. I requested TSN take it down which they did. I then receive an email from Multi-Emmy winner Mike Young from California which ended with "I am sorry but I am out of the Paul James business". Followed shortly after by an email from Mike's, PA, Kelly Kidwell which included "There are times that you have been your own undoing" No, we cannot climb inside your head and better understand the reasoning for your decisions, but I, for one, am saddened by your unwillingness to know that all victory has compromise. I handled the communication as best I could not replying to Kelly Kidwell's. The consequences were multi-layered as it highlighted the vulnerability of persons such as Paul J James. What they both didn't realize their communications were all the "further evidence" I needed that they had been in contact with Bob Rae. "There are times when you have been your own undoing" a near enough identical message from Bob Rae to Paul J James in January 2018 predicting just that - "your mind will be your undoing". An evil Thumbscrew tactic Bob Rae implemented from near enough the get go to make sure I would be obedient to his, "I can be stubborn too" because if I wasn't he was communicating he would "play" the mind card. It was when I first realized the lengths Bob Rae would be willing to go. The evilness. Another damned if you do. Damned if you don't.

Out of the Blue get a message from Mary Ormsby from the Toronto Star in July 2018 to see if I was interested in having an interview. Like with Bob Rae after our meeting I turned her down because did not trust her intentions. She cried what were obviously crocodile tears although they seemed genuine at the time. At the second meeting being so desperate, tired, worn and in pain I agreed to the interview providing its intent was to write the Truth; I receive a copy of all tape recordings and I could see the quotes she would be using on my behalf so I could clarify context if need be. Neither condition was met. She quoted Bob Rae as my lawyer and as a consequence he could not comment. I was oblivious that Bob was still my lawyer. He had excommunicated with me 8 months earlier and the recent meeting didn't go well after his scoundrel antics with Mike Young Negative

Mary Ormsby: After four weeks of communications when I requested the Toronto Star article was taken down immediately on Friday September 7, 2018 she hung up the phone. She couldn't have been any more callous, "don't go there Paul" Clunk! And she did not provide tape recordings or quotes before they were used. The Ashley Anne Kelly and Singapore Quotes were the absolute end of the line for Paul J James ever living in Canada into the future.

The night of September 8, 2018 as I lay my head on the concrete I recalled when Mary didn't like a few of the answers and responses I gave her, she stated, "its not all about you as her face - like a scene from Al Pacino's Devil Advocate - morphed into the devil. Well proof was in the pudding I surmised. The article was dishonest humiliating and stereotyped to the harm of all others suffering behind closed doors in such horrible. Negative. I didn't apply for the University of Toronto position of master soccer coach ultimately for the greater good.

Bob, to Kevin in text after Toronto Star article was released. "I wouldn't have recommended Paul do interview". Really I said to Kevin then being as he was quoted in the article that he was my supposed lawyer and humanitarian would it not have been humane for him to have advised me. You know. Being as he writes for the paper. Huge Negative

Bob to Kevin after I refuse to apply for the University of Toronto Master Soccer position for the greater good "there is nothing else I can do for Paul J James" summed up the polar ends of the continuum of integrity we were stationed at. The entitlement of the establishment class. Bob in the end had not done anything to bring justice for the greater good nor did he bring an end to the appalling humiliation I was living in getting to the Truth and a normal existence back after such horrors Negative

December 2018 as I was supposedly in the process of committing suicide (Suicide RUSE) my father and sister write an atrocious disrespectful email to a PJJ supporter to the ultimate benefit of Bob Rae. If I had indeed committed suicide - like the Colin Perkel message to the masses - Bob would have had an out in terms of his remit in regarding PJJ. MY father stated Bob had advised me to get mental health assistance and rather than do so I got extremely angry. Nothing of the sort happened. Bob never recommend I seek mental health assistance because I didn't need it as confirmed by CAMH themselves. MASSIVE Negative highlighting the lengths Bob would go to.

Lori Johal, Jim Panno, Telephone Box Man, John K Fitzgerald became Bob's minions to "scold PJJ" if I wrote/confronted something direct and harsh in order to break the "cement blocks" that resides in his and society's brains prejudicing the social phenomenon of substance disabilities Negative

It is why I do not apologize for writing that Bob Rae is the worse person I have encountered over a life time. To have not resolved the matter upon his entering the fray was bad enough. To go to the lengths he has, as highlighted is indescribable. Not sure where Bob Rae sees the happy ending. There is not one. And there would not have been one if I had proceeded to what Bob Rae wanted. I told Bob my biggest disappointment was not being a father back in December 2017. He replied it is not too late. Well it is now. If he had cared he would have resolved the matter immediately out of compassion for one person - knowing that Isolation and partner in ones life was the key for Paul J James. Not hitting PJJ with a machete of breaking cycles.

Absurdities (part two)

12 Step Program - Guy stands up and states "I've been "sober" now for 36 years" proving - clearly, unbeknownst to him - that his issue was just not that bad; he has missed half a lifetime from ingesting moderate/appropriate/managed amounts of a substance he once enjoyed consuming; he will one day Die without alcohol in his system but Die he most certainly will

12 Step Program - Lady stands up and states she has been "sober" for 10 years. A dizzying round of applause and a medallion presentation follow. Two weeks later the lady was seen drinking a glass of wine. A few days on in a 12 Step Meeting the lady pronounces she has been sober for 10 years

12 Step Narcotics Anonymous sums up the sloth, laziness, greed, complacency and incompetence of the Research and Development of those industry professionals remitted to care and improve a system which fails so abysmally.

12 Step Programs in the modern world do more harm than good - permitting socialization of stigma to continue when it needs to be annihilated. But of course the research and development cost in line with the greed of business is zero. A free template from the antiquated failed Alcoholics Anonymous system. Simple just put a template over the Alcoholics Anonymous system and apply it to ALL drugs.

In the decision rationale from Justice Edwards at the Divisional Court of Ontario he quotes, "Sadly, for Mr James.....the vicious grip of addiction....he resigned..."

Well then. Being as I was in such a vicious grip of addiction that would meet the threshold barrier for a reasonable explanation of not filing within the one year limitation period. It was the "Vicious Grip of Stigma" which was not considered which was the fatal flaw of the adjudication process throughout. When I was in the Vicious Grip of Addiction I was still able to lead the York University women's soccer program to a third OUA Championship something which took a decade before it was achieved again. "Vicious Grip of Stigma" threads everything.

Canada promote on a Global basis they respect the Human Rights of all their citizens and expect other nations to do the same. But then. You have the Paul J James story where a Canadian citizen had his human rights abused and obliterated; a life ruined as a consequence. The Canadian Establishment rather than correct the circumstance cover up the reality instead; absolutely brutalized by the Pedophiles of Truth at York University University, Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby, Adam Vaughan, James Maloney, Canada Soccer, National Post, Toronto Star, CBC and Co.

Liberal Government offering social housing and disability payments - rather seek and apply the Truth and hold York University accountable was absurdly stigmatizing and humiliating not detsigmatizing. Absolutely disgraceful.

Maureen Armstrong General Counsel at York University when speaking to Kevin Tierney, Tom Panhuyzen and Mark Purdy who arrived in a meeting in Good Faith - Maureen stated York University would pay for Rehab - a ruthless, appalling scapegoating act of evil in line with other comments and efforts of the Liberal Party to scapegoat the social injustice back onto the private health condition. Absolutely disgraceful.

Canada as a nation is a million miles off from improving the mental health of its citizens. We are not out of the starting blocks. Bad Politics is ruthless in Canada. A very insecure, immature nation.

Asking and Answering the Right Questions (TO FOLLOW)

Conclusions (TO FOLLOW)

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