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Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices, Conclusions

January 9, 2020

Dear Supreme Court of Canada Justices,

Here are the brief conclusions among so much which has already been written and disseminated.

Asking Questions With Answers and Asking the Right Questions will follow imminently and then when I am out of the country a letter will be sent regarding the Paul J James supporters.


Paul J James


This matter is all about money. But not for Paul J James. The Canadian politics of power, greed, wealth and unprecedented, extraordinary selfishness. The level the establishment class in Canada will go to rather than take responsibility in order to do the right thing is astonishing. As you now fawn over the pure class of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you still ignore such wickedness.

When the Supreme Court of Canada and Canadian Politicians do not believe the Canadian public care about Truth, Justice and fairness then it facilitates, perpetuates immoral inequities to flourish. Canada has proven it has a significant moral character problem.

The public and Judicial narrative on the Paul J James matter and Paul J James the person is completely false to the detriment of millions of others facing similar circumstances.

Paul J James has been subjected to crimes against his well being, his personal privacy, and from justice being served. As a scapegoating mechanism PJJ has been harassed, intimidated, followed, traced. I have been defamed, slandered with the issue of whether I still ingest a substance used as a "threat" by those at Canada Soccer, the Liberal Government of Canada, Bob Rae, York University and others - replicating what goes on in Canadian society from coast to coast by those unscrupulous enough to do so.

Paul J James Google searches have been mapped out by the oppressors; emails hacked; health files infiltrated and used for example by Sonja Cori Missio as a "veiled threat"; et al etc, etc etc.....

Canada is totally Illiterate on the subject "The Stigma of Substance Disabilities" - from the top of the hierarchy to the bottom.

Lack of Composure, rationality, understanding and human decency of the subject matter and how to improve the circumstance perpetuates the depth of the problem for the individual and Canadian society itself.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. There is no amount of Monetary Compensation. No level of Apology which will now permit Paul J James to want to stay or ever live in Canada. There are no words to describe how disgusting it has been. The filth of the thought processes which conjured up such malevolence.

Tried everything to receive justice. Met with one manipulation and layer of impropriety after another. Had to go it alone because of bad politics and the potential of manipulation of the truth so high.

Confronting the SODA was a tactic to shame York University, their collaborators and oppressors. It was also a contribution to the global fight back against the War on People and an effort to make the world a better place so that others did not have to tread a similar path in the event their substance use was exposed. The effort has not been rewarding. Rather it has been devastatingly harsh.

As a consequence of Confronting the SODA Paul J James has been labelled as: mentally ill, sick, life long drug addict, crackhead, acerbic, caustic, irresponsible, cunt, dickhead, junkie, weak, narcissistic, arrogant, insecure, sensitive. Apparently people can not make up their mind.

Confronting the SODA writings, starvation's, videos and homelessness were meant as "shock treatment". "A Good. Now You Know How it Feels" approach for all those in weaker stigmatized positions who cannot defend themselves.

Paul J James was further harmed as a consequence of his own resilience and pain threshold which permitted the Canadian Establishment in their efforts to cover-up corrupt tracks to delay and deny Social justice being served.

To treat someone as worthless because of known substance issue - is to be the worst of all Cowards.

No One wants to take responsibility for discrimination or wrong doing in Canada facilitated by a weak, controlled Canadian Judiciary and a Passive Aggressive tacit ethos throughout the establishment class.

Most people now treat Paul J James as if they are ashamed to have known him. It is what makes the supporters who have stood by the cause and myself as a person so unbelievably heroic.

Canada Progressive? Not in this matter they are not. Never would have happened in England, Italy, Holland, Norway, Sweden etc, et al. Imagine the English FA treating a former national soccer player and coach in such a way. The Paul J James matter would not have traveled past the year 2000. The English Football Association would have known what to do. Ten years on they certainly would not have annulled the Hall of Fame status of an alumnus who used it as leverage merely to force the governing body of soccer in the country to do the right thing; to be direct, honest. To respect the human rights of a Canadian citizen and support an alumnus treated so poorly.

Stigma not just a word but a word with devastating consequences. 11 overdoses a day. 11 suicides a day. $51 billion dollar annual economic burden. Three straight years of ignoring the Paul J James matter and the Confronting the SODA campaign.

​Not understanding Stigma and its consequences has led to huge ongoing, perpetuating catastrophes

The HRTO adjudicator Paul Aterman not taking Stigma into account was made in deliberate bad faith - totally irresponsible, facilitating future oppression

Stigma Threads Everything: Makes use of a substance psychologically and physically more painful and destructive; Prevents a person from seeking Education and Support; Permits society to marginalize, punish, discriminate, ignore, patronize and isolate those who are exposed; Contributes significantly to economic burden of $51 billion per year.

Right way Round - Truth and Transparency. You cannot achieve social change on the issue through deceit, manipulations, manufactured untruths, cover-up of the Truth, false decision rationales, false narratives.

Worse part of the Stigma campaign in the Paul J James story has been the behavior of Liberal MP's, the Liberal Government, Bob Rae, persons within the Canadian media, Canada Soccer and York University using substance use over my head like an intimidating guillotine. Collusion to obstruct the Truth; deceit and manipulations with no accountability has been an absolutely horrific experience.

Difference between Racism and Stigmatizing a person's mental health is shame. A Latino lady, an Asian man, a Black Lady are not ashamed of their race - the color of their skin. It is not a choice to be born with skin which is white or black. In western societies persons with mental health diagnoses are ashamed of their circumstances - conditions made worse by societal perpetuation of stigma. When persons are ashamed they will keep private. Retreat. The more you punish the more they retreat creating a cycle of devastation.

Stigmatized moments creating most distress. Too many to outline but these are up there: Being Excommunicated by assistant coaches back in November 2008 and Bob Rae in January 2018; Deceit and false narrative throughout Canadian Judicial process and Canadian media; The Jenn Myers LIE; Toronto Star Immorality, Singapore being used once again as a false whip on Character Assassination; TSN RUSE; Bob Rae and Mike Young colluding behind my back; John K Fitzgerald same thing etc, et al

Worse moment in general. Losing Ashley Anne Kelly and Max our Dog.

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