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Canadian Establishment Class Epiphany

Canadian Establishment Class Epiphany

"Time to Grow Up and Mature"

Have lived in Canada for the best part of 40 years. Never known a January like this one. Eleven degrees and raining a week ago. Even when the temperature dips it just doesn't feel that cold. Australia burning up. California before it. Some still ignoring Climate Change. If this video clip taken from Chasing Ice is not enough shock treatment......

....then perhaps consideration from an Academic featured in the full length documentary will jolt readers just enough to incite some element of shame on us.

As paraphrased, "Problem is. We are past the tipping point for any positive reversal - we are in serious trouble". That was 6 years ago. Appears a meaningful forecast and diagnosis. Mother Nature. No more powerful force to remonstrate her progeny.

To be fair to Canada, during the recent election campaigns, the discourse which centered on climate change was impressive and encouraging. So were the suggestions by Liberal politicians in the City of Toronto to introduce no-pay transit as a means to cut back on carbon emissions. Right move on every level including bridging the inequality gap.


Truth, Transparency, Justice, Anger

"Sounds Familiar"

Best friend Peyvand is Iranian. From January - August 2017 the beautifully gracious Mehrdad selflessly gave up his couch and a place for Paul J James to sleep preventing as a penultimate stage, the alternative of living on the street. KC Kiarash recruited to play for York University in 2006. Sublime soccer player only surpassed by his virtuous beingness, making him an even better person. My sisters first marriage was to Bijan. An Iranian man of such kindness and good humor. Ramin and Mousoudi such thoughtful people. My good fortune to have experienced a small part of the Iranian culture directly through its people including a footballing world of such immense passion they double the capacity of the Rogers Center for football matches including, not just international games.

While I cannot feel the pain in the same way as my friends of Iranian heritage I do feel the pain as a human being.

Fifty seven lives lost which were Canadian. One hundred and seventy six persons in total. We demand truth and transparency in Canada from a nation of such antiquated oppression. Such maltreatment one of their citizens recently torched herself to oblivion for the sake of women's liberty. Liberty as simple as being permitted to enter football stadiums to watch the beautiful game as its epitome.

Iran, by default of the overwhelming evidence against them, accept the understated tragic human error on merit rather than desire. Either way the Truth and Transparency was swift. Deeply needed and warranted. Yet troubled hypocrisy. Acid in the eye for the Canadian Establishment.

Will Canada now ask the United States President Donald Trump some tough questions as to the timing and reasoning of the inception of the unfolding events. What would Canada's response have been had the fired missile proven to be deliberate. Either way awkward to deliver stern dialogue with US President Trump when publicly outed for "two-facing around" behind his back.

As an NDP strategist wrote in his recent media piece Canada has no international might in such matters. None whatsoever. Their strength will be in demanding Truth,Transparency and Justice. And as we remain angry. One cannot help but feel Mother Nature's kin at work. The sheer force of the Universe. No individual ethnicity deserved to have been caught up in such "cultivated" human error. Most certainly not Canadians of Iranian descent.

Truth, Transparency, Righteous Anger in pursuit of Rightful Justice over hegemonic carelessness. Turning point for Canada to steadfastly live by what they demand so easy in times of such dreadful culpability of others.

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