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You will never ever have the Obedience of Paul J James

Dear Bob Rae,

(And by association York University, Tony from St Michael's College, Lori Johal, John Kennedy Fitzgerald, Tom and Heather Milligan, Mike Young, Kelly Kidwell, Lorna Marsden, Rhonda Lenton, Maureen Armstrong, Mary Ormsby, JP Savage, CBC, the Toronto Star, the National Post, Canada Soccer, Pat Santini, Peter Montopoli, Stephen Reed, Jason Devos, Andrew Oliveri, David Norman, Terry Dunfield, The Supreme Court of Canada etc, et al, etc, et al)

Monday January 27, 2020

Paul J James will leave Canada and will never return. Pop the champagne bottles. You win the childish, diabolical game(s) you have quarter backed the past two years. Rest assured however. You will never ever have the Obedience of Paul J James to such unlawful, brutal, revolting treatment. Such corrupt, Machiavellian behavior. Paul J James would rather cease to exist than accept the depravity of such unrelenting conduct.

The grass is not always greener on the other side. A statement which often proves correct in the decisions many people make. Perhaps Prince Harry and Meagan Markel will appreciate it more profoundly as time goes by. For Paul J James it makes no difference.

Wherever I end up in the short term it will not be Canada - the nation whose establishment class deliberately and methodically assassinated a citizen like they have done with so many other Canadians in the past. You met your match here. The Canadian segment of society - the pitiful institutions you represent - could not handle Confronting of the Truth. Truth of such profound importance to civilization.

The discrimination, the lies, deceit, immaturity, the obstruction of justice, defamation, the human rights abuse, the infringement of privacy, the unlawful tracking, the intimidation, the unlawful assaults, the cockroaches, the bed bugs, the living in parks, the complete cowardice of others, one RUSE after another, the childishness of Canadian Politicians, the Canadian Judiciary as rigged and as corrupt as third world nations, a rigged political system and a colluded media, the entitlements, the weakness , the ignoring, the poverty of moral character.

The past decade of living and breathing such stigmatization has been such a disgusting, repugnant experience I no longer will live in a nation I am now ashamed of ever living in the first place. A country with so much to offer. Such beauty. Such great people outside of the establishment class. Yet a country which has become so complacent, greedy, fat, sloth like you are willfully ignorant to what lay ahead. Incompetence begets Incompetence. A country whose academic institutions collude to destroy lives not better them. Canadian Academic institutions who do not respect the liberty and justice of their citizens.

Make no mistake where the responsibility and accountability lies. Accountability for the discrimination and ruthlessly inappropriate, colluded cover-up: York University. Responsibility for not correcting the social injustice and instead further covering up the reality: Bob Rae, the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada.

Paul J James

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