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To the BBC's Jacob Hawley

Hello Jacob Hawley,

Hope your show went well this week.

Many have been blind copied to this correspondence.

Below is a quote from a supporter who was informed of your response on behalf of the BBC declining to investigate the Paul J James story.

"You can't do a series of podcasts about Drugs & Homelessness and then fall back on the position that I am just a comedian".

If your podcast crusade is to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged then you should not participate in bad politics; be weak or disingenuous.

Had you have at least talked and/or met with PJJ it would have garnered an ounce of credibility.

A video/audio narration of my life from 1963 to the present day documenting in first person, the full story, will be produced. It will not be disseminated. Rather it will be kept private and stored.

As a reminder, the British Establishment themselves have a history of delivering macabre injustices related to hunger strike protests.

Starting with Winston Churchill's declaration, want and willingness to let Ghandi die. Thankfully, he didn't get his wish.

Your nation did however, shamefully stand back letting Bobby Sands and his Irish colleagues die. And of course Barry Horne - a Welsh compatriot - not only suffered such brutality but in dying of starvation the establishment class including the BBC e BBC eventually scapegoated and created a false narrative on his personality and approach.

The evil tentacles of all societal establishment classes reach far and wide. The BBC website for example has on their front page a section which caters to Canada and the United States. Bob Rae was recently quoted regarding Justin Trudeau during the Canadian election campaigns.

There are two Netflix documentaries I recommend.

1. Bobby Sands: 66 Days

The poignant documentary defines and legitimize's hunger strike protests highlighting the bravery of Irish citizens. The narration defeats, debunks and shames your self-harm analysis on behalf of the BBC, incognito Canada.

2. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez a harrowing yet riveting outline of a child abuse case in the United States.

In episode six towards the poignant end of the film a "talking head" - an expert on the matter - stated, to paraphrase,

"What you see here being locked away and sentenced to death, is evil. Not as evil though when compared to those persons who turned a blind eye on what was happening. The purest of all evil being, those people in positions of political power who knew the truth, who could have corrected the injustice but did nothing but corrupt and hide it"

That in a nutshell is the Paul J James experience - Bob Rae, the Liberal Government and York University being the epitome of pure unadulterated evil in this matter.

I am ashamed to be a Canadian citizen and will die rather than return to the country. No stronger objection than a willingness to now give up ones life if necessary, rather than live in a country so corrupted with such an illusionary facade.

If you want to make a difference Jacob Hawley you have to be brave, educated and not political.

Confront your Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Home Secretary Priti Patel, or would you like me to do it for you? I've pretty much confronted the whole of Canada and so no problem doing it here while I can still breathe.

Agonizingly, Boris Johnson and Co. are still on the "magic round about" nonsense that substance use and substance issues are crimes. What a waste of an Eton education to be so blatantly immoral and carelessly political when even little old ladies can now decipher the truth and hypocrisy on the issue. Turning tables on a recent quote from Boris, "time to grow up". The real crime is having an unlawful misaligned illegitimate law for so long. The carnage of which is like no other.


Paul J James

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