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Dear Bob Rae

Dear Bob Rae,

In response to your conversation with Peyvand Mossavat and in particular your comment that you "meant no harm to Paul J James", I take considerable offense.

To be clear:

The past 27 months, since we first met, have been the worst in my life. An incredible feat with consideration of all that preceded it. Isolating, humiliating, degrading, dehumanizing at levels, previously not experienced. A life which now resembles a mosaic of one appalling humiliating experience after another, each one outdoing the other as I have defended the Truth for the greater good while you have manipulated, deceived and coerced to obstruct justice.

I will never set foot in Canada again. While I appreciate the nation is vast, immensely beautiful with some kind, humanistic citizens, all is trumped by the "disgusting abuse" delivered to Paul J James for the past decade of which you yourself have been a significant contributor.

I am 56 years of age. Fourteen years and I will be 70. A life brutally and ruthlessly ruined by a Canadian system as evil and corrupt as any other nation on the planet. York University the sickening organization they are, even stopped two university institutions (one in Ontario, one Quebec) from hiring PJJ to conduct a talk three years ago - the two persons who tried to coordinate the events being copied here.

Modus Operandi of York University and the Canadian Establishment

Deny, Lie, Contain, Delay, Scapegoat, Coercive Control, Mitigate.

Tactics used, with particular voraciousness in the Scapegoat, Coercive Control, Mitigate departments.

The Canadian media, Mike Young, Kelly Kidwell, my Father/Sister, Lori Johal, John Kennedy Fitzgerald, the Milligans, Colin Perkel, Mary Ormsby, Telephone Box man, JP Savage, Jason Boggle, Barry Swadron, Canada Soccer, Bobby Lenarduzzi et al, contributing.

The James vs York University human rights discrimination claim should have been sent back to the Supreme Court of Canada a long time ago. And it should have been corrected with justice delivered expeditiously. Your avoidance in facilitating this relegates you to the position of being dishonurable and corrupt in this matter for the benefit of York University, the Canadian system and your friend Harriet Lewis. Harriet was the former General Counsel at York University who made the immoral, unethical, unlawful decision to not correct the discrimination matter back in 2012. Rather instead, the institution decided to lie and collude to obstruct justice - and all costs.

There have been many appalling threads of stigmatization over the past decade. The most evil being the reality you, the Prime Minister and York University sat back and did nothing to correct the injustice rather instead you have deliberately added to it in spite of such pain and suffering. You and Colin Perkel delivering the final knife to the James family.

When I met with Mary Ormsby for the ill fated Toronto Star annilatiion she asked, "What is it that would make you happy?" I responded, "To have a normal life back including my dog Max". Now two years on. There is nothing. No amount of money. No level of apology which will undo the damage. Your handling of this matter has been sickening and disgusting Bob Rae. To suggest you meant no harm is typical of what it is to be a Canadian from the establishment class. Lie deceive and never take responsibility even if it requires torturing another human being. The disconnect between you and your colleagues and other classes is enormous.

In the Toronto Star article you are quoted by Mary Orsmby as "no comment" because 'you were representing me". That was news to me. How have you represented me? When you were contacted after the article was released, you stated, "well I would not have recommended Paul do the interview".

Well as my supposed lawyer would it not have been appropriate for you to inform me of this? Your deliberate neglect was so harmful it was the defining moment of clarity when my time was up in Canada. Of course in your Machiavellian way it was mission accomplished.

Paul J James

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