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Three 'Why' Questions Answered

WHY move to the UK. LONDON, ENGLAND?

In short form because I refuse to die in Canada fighting for social justice. I will not give York University and the Liberal Government the satisfaction. I will die in London or Cardiff when that time comes which will be sooner than later. Of course the establishment in Canada will attempt to scapegoat their immorality and corrupt behaviours in not correcting the this injustice onto mental illness and substance use. And that strategy which they have used for the past decade will bastardise the Truth on a health phenomena in such desperate need of social change that can only be achieved through pristine non political Truth. Substance use, issues, disabilities are human conditions and choices not crimes, illnesses or diseases. The longer version. To shame Canada from the outside. Canada are governed and controlled by "Machiavelli" at a level difficult to match with other western world nations. A forensic analysis of the facts surrounding the PJJ case highlight the corrupt, controlled system by the establishment class.

Dr Jordan Peterson was quoted in his 12 Lessons for Life, to paraphrase, " If you think strong powerful men can cause damage then wait till you see what weak men can cause"

I plough the same observations on nations....."you wait until you see what damage weak nations can cause'

Why HOMELESS by Choice?

I am literally homeless by choice. After seven years fighting for social justice through a bad faith colluded Canadian Judicial system I embarked on hunger strike protests to confront the ongoing discrimination. The Liberal Government of Canada intervened with an offer of disability payments and social housing which I refused. The offer was to scapegoat the discrimination liability of York University onto Paul John James. Such social benefits are for persons with greater disadvantages who legitimately cannot work. I have always been able to work but have not been hired because of discrimination - then ruthless stigmatization of the issue. Equality of Opportunity is the right to be employed in a position of employment, consistent with your pedigree and background of success. I refused to accept social housing and payments just to prevent being homeless. Never did I think Canada would be so disrespectful, indignant and corrupt of the law and the human rights of its citizens with not resolving this matter within the first hunger strike and layer of homelessness. The fact it had to continue over three years is a representation of a deteriorating country I was once proud to have represented. The world definitely needs Canada as a power broker of information and guidance on social phenomena including substance issues. But as it stands now they are well off the mark

Why such appalling injustice in Canada?

The problem crosses four areas. Evil controls the world. Money. Greed. Envy. And Far too often a path of least resistance is followed, using the outdated ethos of Machiavelli from five centuries ago. A time when master nicollo didn't have a cell phone or the benefit of the internet. This malevolent ideological approach resonates everywhere in our culture including pop culture reality TV shows where undermining back stabbing is glorified. In the real world when this path of least resistance takes place it leads all too often to incompetence, complacency and underachievement which when added to Money, Greed, Envy equals an escalating, widening inequality gap, a global homelessness crisis, a Coronavirus pandemic causing chaos, carnage and unprecedented levels of incompetence, which, that said, still cannot match the greatest immorality of this current epoch, that being, the loss of life due to ingestion of a substance currently at 11 a day in Canada and 72 a day in the US.

Second reason, the inability of Politicians to grow and develop into anything other than being narcissistic, sociopaths who LIE like it is tap water, connive, undermine, and turn blind eyes in the face of such extreme social injustices. And all because of money and power. What gives politicians the right to still display in the year 2020 such unethical, corrupt behaviours when other industries have evolved moral compasses focused on right, ethical, moral behaviours. The public are far too forgiving and far too gullible of political sorcery. With regard to climate change and any topic under mental disability politicians should not be permitted to make public statements when they have no idea what they are talking about. Nor alone influence, intimidate the judiciary.

Third reason the impotence of Judicial systems to do their jobs. Justices are in Honoured privileged borrowed positions not lifetime eternal ones and they should start acting like that. Delayed social justice is social justice denied with consideration of the upheaval and devastation it would have caused getting there. The quality of any any society should be judged on the delivery of fair access to social justice. A justice system with human decency and protection of a persons human right to live freely, equally and fairly. The state should have no right in dictating what any citizen ingests into their bodies. States have tried for centuries with no semblance of success.

No state will ever be able to legislate effectively what a citizen consumes into their bodies and that is because it stems most often from a human need or desire to do so. Infringing on this right is culpable, indictable behaviour. It is a human rights issue. A social justice matter. An illustration:

"Josh Y" a former professional footballer in England "tarnished" in the eyes of ignorant laggards his reputation by refusing to submit to a drug test after a competitive game. He had every right to do so and he is unequivocally correct on the Issue. An athlete in 2020 who refuses to submit to a recreational drugs test and is then discriminated against as a consequence will win a social justice file at the European Human Rights commission. The physical and social science evidence on the matter is incontrovertible.

The Paul John James case against York University is a human rights issue centering on employment discrimination. Lack of immediate resolution and/or delivered judicial social justice - on a plain and obvious case - permitted a repeat cycle of the discrimination to take place, escalated further injustices including defamation slander and perpetual unemployment, completely ruining a life in the process.

Capitalism Influence. Any on-field football system of play, will beat an opponents system, if implemented well enough. It should be the same with social, political, economic systems but it is not. Capitalism may still exist now while others have failed but it is nevertheless destined to fail into future generations. While it appears to be the best system we have got, it inevitably leads as do all systems, to an establishment power class which always succumb - as a right of passage to greed, power and ego. Money controls everything. Power gets you money. Money gets you power. The reason the Paul John James case has not been resolved is because of the money. It is Always about the financial implications. It is Always about the money.

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