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Dear Amnesty International

Dear Amnesty International,

In a recent article on your website you reference Winston Smith the protagonist in George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984. It is a name I relate to as it does appear that Paul John James is playing the modern day version of the stubborn "freedom fighter" taking on a controlled political ideological system impervious to what is right, what is truthful and what is, for the greater good.

The Ask?

Looking for Human Rights legal counsel to take the James vs York University employment discrimination claim back to the Supreme Court of Canada. I have been "fighting" extreme social injustice(s) for over a decade right up to and including Canada's most esteemed honourable court, as a self represented Applicant. The matter encompasses substance use, dependence and disability. It is a social justice, human rights matter of global significance.

Over the past ten years I have liquidated every asset in the fight for social justice, while losing everything else including complete social status. I have been ruthlessly defamed, slandered, stigmatized, excommunicated, scapegoated, ostracized, prejudiced, discriminated against and assaulted with absolutely no redress. And as a consequence of unrelenting oppression including applying for over 100 jobs without an email in response, most of which, were for positions I was most qualified, it eventually equated to the decision to become homeless in order to not give up the fight.

Have even starved my body at varying times since November 2016 in order to confront the Canadian government, the Canadian Judicial system, York University and Canada Soccer on what amounts to severe abuse of my human right to live freely and equally in a nation which should know better.

What chance does the rest of the world have if CANADA does not respect the basic human rights of it's citizens?

Currently living in a Paddington, London Flat under lockdown procedures, after outreach workers and medical staff at Great Chapel medical center picked me up off the streets as I was suffering severe flu like symptoms including persistent cough. I have been tested for Coronavirus seven days ago, now waiting for results while currently taking antibiotics. Once released in a few days, I will be back on the London streets as a Homeless person.

My most imminent request to Amnesty International is for you to please contact, Paul John James.

While requesting representation from your organisation on the human rights matter in Canada I would also like to offer to you my services in the short and long term fighting back against global social injustices highlighted so tragically in this current pandemic.

Into the future you cannot create algorithms and strategies on how to mitigate the consequences of future global pandemic outbreaks without solving the homelessness problem through constriction of the inequality gap which is obscenely out of control throughout the world. Such a reality, would in turn stimulate an essential need to address truthfully substance issues, problems and disabilities and the social construct of stigma which currently obliterates any hope of positive progress towards those most marginalized.

While the nations of the world have done a decent job reacting and adapting to the global crisis - with warrior like front line worker's - the elephant in the room remains. The homeless and those dependent on substances. The most oppressed and realistically, most viral with spreading any lethal virus.

The Paul John James matter, inspired by the pure humanity and beauty of those citizens who have stood by him for so long, can make a difference to the world but only through the Truthful narrative in this matter, which in turn, can only be achieved through social justice being served.

My life circumstances when I recover this flu bug will still be in chaos. My choices are: go back on the street; starve myself again (which led to this current poor health) or walk from Buckingham Palace to Cardiff Castle - Cardiff being my birthplace and home until I was 16 - on a self awareness campaign highlighting some of the aforementioned and how it connects to the current pandemic.

My background includes a BA & MBA.; Three time inductee into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame;. Represented Canada collectively as a football player and coach over 100 times; media soccer analyst, author, speaker etc, et al.

Paul John James has something to offer your organisation in this time of great need amidst much uncertainty, isolation and chaos - the three realities homeless persons live with and navigate as best they can, on a daily basis. Days all too often filled with oppression and human rights abuse.

I look forward to your response in the very near future.


Paul John James

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