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Coronavirus/Covid19: Canadian Drug Policy Coalition


Please read the most recent Communique's from Donald MacPherson Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition working out of Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, CANADA.

As a stalwart leader for many years fighting back against the War on Drugs (People) Donald MacPherson and his team illustrate why Canada could one day be credibly recognized as globally progressive with its stance on substance use, up to and including problematic substance issues.

Notwithstanding of course, without human rights recognition and protection from the Supreme Court of Canada solidifying substance issues as human conditions requiring composure, rationality and human rights protection, such progressive advances and communications will remain disingenuous and handcuffed in pursuit of realistic, significant social change. The stigma and politics on the issue after decades of the inappropriate behaviour of the Canadian system has created a juggernaut of human rights abuse. In many instances from those people and organisations remitted to assist and support.

Communiqués from the CDPC, at anytime, deserve your attention, most especially now however, in light of the Coronavirus Covid 19 outbreak.

This pandemic profoundly affects the most marginalized to the potential risk and harm of all others. Yet this reality remains below the radar of mainstream consciousness, a consequence of societal inertia, apathy, ignorance and indifference towards homelessness and substance disabilities in general.

Without future attention and intervention, the homeless/substance user segment of ALL societies will continue to marinate under the surface as a contagious apocalypse waiting to happen whenever the spreading of any future more lethal pandemic virus is imminent and then realised.

It is why in the future, the global homelessness crisis intertwined with substance use issues will need to be resolved. Not only because it is highly immoral not to do so but also because the survival of future generations will depend on it.

Thank you for your attention to Donald MacPherson's Canadian Drug Policy Coalition.


Paul John James

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