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Asking Appropriate Questions

Dear All,

Asking Appropriate Questions

Among much to learn from the James v York University matter not asking appropriate questions or in fact asking no questions at all, has been illuminated as a worrisome, growing human flaw. Overworked lives, general apathy, a combination of both or perhaps other more esoteric reasons. Take your pick. I understand. Like you, I remain flawed

The significance in not asking timely or appropriate questions however, is that it can lead too often to incorrect automatic assumptions. An impediment woven onto our psyches, providing at times, a gift, wrapped for the elite.

Assumptions with little or misguided information are open to manipulation, ignorance and stereotyped thinking. And when you stereotype marginalized persons you can contribute much harm.

Recently - as in three days ago - I sent an email "Closing the Loop on the CTSODA campaign"(videos, writing's, social media). There were a number of reasons why but no one asked any inquisitive questions.

Along with my relocation to England I have a staunch determination to not have to spend the rest of my life in a vocation attached to the subject matter. Such a demand for persons such as Paul J James to becone addiction counsellors (as an example) derives from a stereotyped, punitive, stigmatized societal mindset.

Loyal supporters assumed Paul J James had quit fighting the social justice cause itself. The cause however is the fight. The campaign is the promotion of the fight.

And so quitting couldn't be further from the Truth.

Rather I am slowly but surely starving myself without making it public aside from periodic photographs. The non publicised approach has been taken for a number of reasons including prior manipulations of York University and their oppressors, communicating the efforts as being an act of suicide. Immoral manipulation at its most ruthless.

Even though I am not desirous of dying nor the pain which accompanies starvaton I do recognize that the strategy is dangerous and can lead to death. It is not my intent. It is the remaining choice of leverage.

Prior options to achieve social justice proved futile within a colluded Canadian system determined on covering up egregious improprieties at all costs.

Isolation, uncertainty and the accompanying anxiety still abound in my life. I am, after all, like those facing similar circumstances, a human being.

While global citizens have now had a taste of what isolation and uncertainty feels like it simply cannot compare with those so stigmatized and marginalized.

Getting on with "a life" which could be respectable without social justice being served is not possible. To contend otherwise subjects you to the category of an inexperienced ignoramus on the subject matter or a self serving oppressor of justice.

Equality of Opportunity and Human Rights protection of all citizens cannot, at this stage, be achieved any other way.


Father Pádraig Regan - The Passage

Father Pádraig Regan is the Irish Chaplain I met at The Passage, a respite for Westminster's homeless, in an act of Providence.

He is my confidante moving forward albeit at a distance as he, like I, is self isolating. A wonderfully kind, intelligent man who at 81 years of age still delivers daily Mass (twice) while riding his bike along the pathways of London for a good 90 minutes each day. He is an inspiration to so many.

Fully in tune with social injustices and the hardships and inequities which all too often accompany misappropriated capitalism, Pádraig also has a grounded education in the legitimacy of starvaton as a political tool when pursuing social justice for the greater good. Most especially at times when all other options cease to be viable or exist.

Simplified, he respectfully appreciates the innate need of some persons to sacrifice themselves for the greater good without wanting to die. Good v Evil. Right v Wrong. Pain and Suffering.

From Dublin Pádraig (phonetically pronounced POUR..ick) can therefore empathize with the circumstance. The Irish Republic of course have a significant history on the matter including the ultimate sacrifice of Bobby Sands and his commrades in the early 1980's.

It is indeed my good fortune to have some one whom I can talk to on the phone as this process yet again unfolds.

A quandary for Canadian politicians, the Canadian Judicial system, Canada Soccer, York University and the Canadian media.

What do you do now? Groundhog day one could suppose.

When justice is finally served, how will anyone justify the delay considering what was presented before them?

"A lie travels half way around the world while the truth is just putting its shoes on". Mark Twain.


Paul J James

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