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Starvaton; Apathetic Inertia a Canadian "Strength"


In spite of requests to withhold food deliveries they keep arriving. It's funny at this stage. Cute even. Resilient Humanity.

Someone obviously has detected a kink in the starvation armour. The longer the process has dragged on - stopping and starting over 3 years - the harder it is to accomplish emaciation at a level which will stun even psychopathic brains. The temptation of food though. Just the smell of it.

If the process was stopped will the oppressors have a sudden injection of morality and ethical rigour? Will an honourable Canadian Lawyer fall from the sky? Nope.

Irrespective of all that has preceded I look back and wonder: What if I hadn't fought for social justice? 2010-2017. Nobody cared. Nobody hired. A Gestapo Jacket, Sheriff badge approach was the modus operandi from all areas. Brutalized. The ultimate consequence of an irresponsible complacent approach from politicians and lawmakers for decades.

With the War on Drugs. The Drugs won the War. The people who it most affected lost. And they lost big if they were outside the elite bracket.


Literally lost their lives or a life condemned to imprisonment. Incarcerated or socially excluded and disgraced. No more than cattle and slave. Clown and misfit. Round peg in square hole f you conform to forfeiture of your human right to be treated equally and fairly.

The only time I started to get some regular soccer coaching work was after I went on hunger strike in 2017. People felt bad. The humiliation. The fact I'm still going and still receiving 'Get on with your Life' recommendations four years after the fact sums up the ignorance (literal or willful), lack of careful understanding and apathy itself. It is as insulting as everything else.

As it stands millions of people have paid a very high price for trying to be responsible with taking care of their health in periods of disequilibrium. The following contradiction sums up what you subject yourself to.

From MP Adam Vaughan in 2018, "Your troubles are your fault. You opened up looking for support. That was your choice". Later in the year I was labelled by another politician as irresponsible for not seeking treatment. Laurel and Hardy pushing that piano up three flights of stairs again.

The treatment system meanwhile is a complete failure based on the expectations and attitude of those who don't know better. Our understanding is wrong.

Immorality of politicians on a subject matter so horrific and personal using bad politics to get their own way, is incomprehensible, yet egregiously normalised. It is the third class citizen status, you are afforded..

It could be worse though, as I am so often reminded. More relevant comparisons. Could have spent 35 years in a US prison for merely possessing ten bucks worth of crack cocaine. Or closer to home. I could be the the lovely black lady in the wheel chair. My friend at Dundas and George Street. Her life encompasses five disadvantaged groups. No wonder she uses crack cocaine. To begrudge her fleeting moments away from her existence is to add to the cruelty.


Apathetic Inertia a Canadian "Strength".

One unenviable byproduct of having a Canadian Judicial process bent on being the polar opposite of the litigiousness of the United States is a paralyzed obedient populace. People outside the power brokers are too often afraid to straight talk. To confront wrongs directly and honestly when wrongs occur, instead shrugging shoulders with muted weakness or gossiping avoidance and slyness..

The Canadian judicial system's'impotence is in large part responsible for this meek brittleness and lack of moral character. Not holding those perpetrators and institutions accountable for improprieties perpetuates unethical behaviour, greed and arrogance. It also cements the divide of have and have nots in Canada. Connected as a bad politic ethic the approach of the judiciary ultimately contributes to a widening inequality gap when constriction and better quality of life for all Canadians should be paramount.

York University's 2012 and beyond example(s) not to resolve the James matter sums up the harmful thought disorder ingrained within the system of doing things. Non correction empowers the wrong behaviours to recycle. No different with coaching teams.

The slippery slope has lead to too many institutionas defaulting to risk management strategies on even the simplest of matters to resolve because they are permitted to prevail.

Encapsulated relevance.

When it comes to discrimination of a persons mental health no one in Canada ever wants to take responsibility. And no one is ever held accountable. Until they are, there can be no improvement.

Instances of Wrong Approach.

CAMH v NIDA. Canada vs United States. Tried to meet with leaders of CAMH on a number of occasions. Ignored because of political connections to York University. Metaphorically gave the middle finger treatment on more than one occasion. Meanwhile with NIDA met director of the organisation, neurosccientists and former Drug Czar for the US government. All could not have been more accommodating, respectful and helpful.

Dr Jordan Peterson. Chapter One of his 12 Rules of Life alone, places responsibility on the individual and masses not an iota on the establishment class. He lets rife inequity and impropriety of capitalist systems off the hook. Need more balanced conditioning on the attitude and behaviour of the elite not just the mass. Apathy of the masses is not good because it produces too many inequities . In Canada it is an unnecessary developed "strength" delivererd by the establishment.

Former Minister of Health and Welfare Monique Begin's observations and passionate appeals a decade ago - regarding Canada's ability to mask poverty and discrimination while facilitating immense social injustices - has had little to no impact. Again, until the courts rule it will remain that way.

Perhaps the Covid19 Pandemic through dreadful tragedy will be the shock treatment needed for changing attitudes and ways of doing things. To be more honest, honourable and humane. To correct swiftly when mistakes are made.

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