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Response To Cracked Open


A male citizen in England is currently reading Cracked Open. Below this introduction is my response.

Over the next few days I will write my own Review of the ebook. It will be uploaded onto the CTSODA website as a permanent setting.

Until then, here are a few points followed by the response to a friend in the UK.

1. Cracked Open was not originally written and eventually published as an ebook because PJJ wanted to leave York University and a 35 year soccer career to do so.

After all that has transpired since it is to be an imbecile and crook to conclude so.

2 The publication and coming open was a reflection of what had taken place in my life, most specifically since 2008 when I had responsibly sought support.

3. The prejudice, discrimination, excommunication undermining and back stabbing at York University and a segment of the Canadian soccer industry was ruthless, disgraceful and unlawful. But I was paralyzed to do anything about it the consequence of being so stigmatized and criminalised.

4. As time away from York University elapsed however I began to realize what had happened at the institution and Canadian soccer community was wrong without knowing why it was wrong.

You are entitled to human rights protection but you don't know because you are criminalised. The essence of stigma on the issue.

5. In early spring and summer and then fall of 2011 I met with Lorna Marsden the past President of York University and the institutions General Counsel Harriet Lewis. I outlined what had happened with my assistant coaches and with Athletic Director Jenn Myers and Chief Administrative Officer of Sport York Sheila Forshaw during the period 2008 and beyond.

6. Both Lorna and Harriet knew THEN at that time of the unlawful behaviour and discrimination but ultimately made the wrong reckless choices in not correcting the circumstance rather instead taking advantage of the insecurity and paralyzing psychology which surrounds personal self stigma on the issue. Eschewing the issue and their lawful responsibilities was the modus operandi.

7. Harriet Lewis recommended I meet with Jenn Myers and Sheila Fiorshaw in November of 2011 but both avoided that reality in spite of numerous communication efforts on my part.

8. Eventually wrote an email to Jenn and Sheila a few days before the release of my story to the public in February 2012. In the communications I conveyed that being open was not what I had wanted to do but with consideration of all which had transpired they and the institution were wrong.

9. I expressed my immense disappointment with the appalling treatment and lack of support and their avoidance in meeting with me in order that I could confront it.

10. Received an email back from both outlining they were unaware of my mental health difficulties at the time of my employment.

11. The blatant LIE was hatched and the system ever since has protected the LIE. including the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Bob Rae, the Canadian media, the incestuous Canadian Judicial process right up to the Supreme Court of Canada and former Chief Justice Ms Beverly Maclachlin. Rather than correct and resolve the matter the Canadian establishment have proven the point unequivocally that they were willing even hoping Paul J James died rather than for what was correct. What was right and lawful to do so.

12. It is why with consideration of all that has transpired and been written over the past decade, it is straightforward for Paul John James to say he is ashamed of ever living as a Canadian citizen and of representing the nation as a soccer player and coach. The poor treatment delivered getting worse and worse as the years elapsed obliterating a persons life and liberty right up to the present day.


Response to a Reading

of the Narrative

"Happy you are enjoying the read. Just know it is a Stigmatizating account of my life and the issue itself. it is not Destigmatizing which therefore at some point needs to be corrected.

Also, the end is merely the very beginning of the nightmare.

You are right about the counselling I needed in 1980/90's...but it was just not a British thing or socio-economic status.....aside from the inadequacies of the system back then and the societal stigna, it was being Male more than anything else.

Of 11 suicides in Canada a day 9 are men. Most substance issues derive from men. Our prisons are full with men not women. The only chance would have been for someone to have intervened, understood and empathised with the clear turmoil I would have been dealing with at that time.. Instead received from certain areas and people ongoing turmoil.

Not sure where you are at now in the book but it gets worse.

And perhaps it will identify the cruelty of the Canadian establishment actions since and now. When I eventually opened up it became worse.

BTW it sold less than 250 copies. Four days before it was released my Gmail was viciously hacked emails sent everywhere including s PDF copy of the book.

There was a concerted effort by the Canadian establishment to have it ignored. By York University and the Canadian soccer community.

As you read, remind yourself substance issues are not criminal behaviours or illnesses or diseases as I suggest and write.

It was one of many rabbit holes you are coerced down once you are exposed. It compounds the problem adding to the stigma.

Substance issues are psychological learned behaviours filling a psychological gap in someone's life.

For those who do not understand why and how they got to where they are at, who are highly susceptible to developing a substance disability it becomes a living hell

Without answering and fixing the WHY question it is extremely difficult if not impossible to remedy or stabilize the condition as social isolation is the ongoing result. And Substance issues are most often driven by social isolation in large part because of stigma.

The fact I keep using the wrong labels in the ebook - addict, illness, disease is the consequence of stigma. The reason I didn't open up in 2000 is because of stigma. et al, etc.

Canada Soccer didn't know what to do in 2000 but they should have known what to do. York University knew what to do but didn't deliver and discriminated against instead. Then the worse of all Evils the delivery of the cover up and appalling scapegoating. Being a grown man treated as a child. Of which Bib Rae most recently suggested he didn't mean any harm to my life. He could not have delivered and skewered the sword any harder than he did.

Imagine the stress navigated and endured as a national soccer coach and beyond. It is why I wrote the other day it is a miracle I am alive in the year 2020.

The reason I'm in England is because of being so brutalized by the Canadian system including the collusion and corruption. The eventual justice served will not mean a lot personally because I have been raped and abused in getting there.

It is for the greater good why it matters


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