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Part One "Taking A Scalpel to Things"

Taking A Scalpel to Things

Compass to Guide Your Thinking

on the Paul J James matter

Question posited to Bob Rae in December 2017

"What do you think of the world in which we live? It is. A very sick place", Bob replied.

"If you cannot understand why someone did something, look at the consequences - and infer the motivation" Carl Jung as referenced by Dr Jordan Peterson in 12 Rules for Life

Make friends with people who want the best for you Dr Jordan Peterson 12 Rules for Life

Dislocation is unbearable. This is why solitary confinement or ostracism or excommunication are horrible punishments which are delivered to people. They are punishments which inflict dislocation. They are dreadful retributions because we are not built to bear the impact. We are social animals. We are built that way. To be dislocated is to suffer unbearably. Dr Bruce Alexander SFU

Path of MOST Resistance

  • path of outworking others

  • path of considerable sacrifice

  • path of being humbled through failure

  • path of overcoming the ego curve

  • path of gaining high level competence and expertise

  • developed ability to problem solve within your area of expertise, within a BLINK

  • path of maximizing potential on any given assignment

  • path of courage

  • proclivity to NOT be jealous of others - you will outwork them

  • proclivity to have high expectations of others and to demand it

  • a professional & personal ethos which adheres to ethics, integrity, selflessness & teamwork

Path of Least Resistance

  • path of the Loser (HG Wells);

  • path of cutting corners; path of "relative incompetence"; path of cowardice

  • path of getting others to make you shine

  • path of the egocentric

  • path of the self-unaware

  • Machiavelli ethos which permits you to always undermine, lie, cheat, cuckoo from others

  • path of insecure, weak people

  • path of non-sustainable success

  • path of sustained failure and underachievement

  • developed inability to problem solve complex circumstances

  • failure to maximize potential of others

  • compulsive obsession to ENVY others

The Three Rarest Of Commodities

Time Itself

"Dust to Dust. Ash to Ash". Unnecessarily lost a decade of my life. When I walk along the streets especially at night I get winded as if the blood has drained from my body and my bones have disappeared. The thought of what has happened descends.


"Understanding how the world works is as important as Knowing Thyself, the majority of whom never entertain the idea nor alone come to terms with who they are".


"For the world to be a better place you have to be Truthful about Things. Within the Paul J James human rights discrimination claim; substance use in general, the stigma of substance disability, and the Paul J James narrative, Truthfulness is illuminated, cemented and profoundly useful in many areas including in making the world a better place".

Substance Disabilities

​Are not Crimes. They are not Illnesses. They are not Diseases.

They ARE learned psychological behaviours which, can be lived with and mitigated in order for persons afflicted to be productive members of society if they are desirous of being so.

In order to mitigate the issue however, it requires correct legislature, societal composure, political and Judicial integrity, Charter of Human Rights protection and enforcement, rationality and stabilization. Not an antiquated, irrational and/or criminalized approaches the consequences of which over 100 years have caused carnage at a level of immorality the Canadian and Global community is still in willful denial of. It is incomprehensible the immorality which has and continues to occur.

Social Determinants of ALL Health Matters

  1. Employment - income source

  2. Personal, professional support

  3. Ability to fund appropriate assistance when needed - tiered systems limit assistance - none more so than substance use issues

December 2017 statement to Bob Rae,

"My disappointment in life is not being father".

"It is not too late", said Bob.

Two years on from this conversation and Bob Rae has caused more damage and carnage through his determination and conditioning to getting his own way with not facilitating swift resolution/social justice which I so desperately wanted for Ashley Anne Kelly.

Rather than overdue warranted justice/resolution. Intimidation, bullying, deceit and scapegoating of my mental health has continued unabated. The consequential strategy of protecting York University, the Canadian Judiciary and by association the Canadian establishment is as sick as the persons who implement it


Question to the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Andrew Scheer; Jagmeet Singh, Elizabeth May, the Supreme Court of Canada, York University and Canada Soccer on this day October 22, 2019.

"If I Paul J James were now to light himself on fire and walk in front of a bus what would the story-line be from the Canadian Establishment to the global community"?

How could this possibly happen in a country so wealthy in resource, so absurdly ("not") progressive. So disrespectful of the human rights of its most vulnerable citizens? The death of a former Canadian international soccer coach and player. A three time inductee into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. The only leverage he had left was to gamble with and take his life.

What do you say to your sorority/brethren in France and England? To Prince William? To the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) as to how this could happen? Mental Illness? Substance Use?

Or do you finally communicate the truth of the matter?

How a nation so brutally treated one its citizens. The bullying, the discrimination, the intimidation, the defamation, the slander, the deceit, the collusion, the corruption, the obstruction of justice, the unrelenting stigmatization and abuse delivered onto one person who responsibly sought assistance for problematic substance use in 2008?

And then to add further harm to injury the persistence cruelty and evilness we ignored the desperate communications to intervene and for three straight years.

A citizen, who, even in his worst moments of health was able to conduct himself professionally, ethically, selflessly, always in a principled manner with dignity and respect of others, highly successful in his professional output. Someone who once he opened up for support and assistance was then "mauled to death" by an immature, child-like system of selfish, unprincipled, incompetent and in many instances unbelievably jealous individuals aligned with corrupt institutions.

The Paul J James story establishes you have no human rights as a person with an exposed substance disability in Canada. It also proves in Canada there is no responsible, competent support from anywhere - not even from those remitted and paid to care.

"The Paul J James story proves Canada as a nation should not be a part of hosting the FIFA Men's World Cup in 2026. Period. Not when the governing body of football in Canada and the Canadian media can so blatantly lie, cheat, defame and collude against an alumnus and citizen on a human rights health issue of such global importance. So overtly abhorrent to the point they stood back and discussed the consequences of his ultimate demise".

Paul J James is 56 in a few weeks having lived a decade of pure hell on earth - which - even that fact of true reality gets scapegoated away from an appalling Canadian corrupt system in the way it treats mental health onto:

"You are not in a wheelchair nor do you have autism you should be grateful".

Imagine saying that to a Transgender black person, Indigenous peoples or General Motors workers who will lose their jobs in three years’ time - so stressed from the uncertainty of what may be in the future. Try escorting a wheelchair victim in front of the GM workers and then state,

"Suck it up you princesses. And be grateful that this is not you".

See how that goes over with the unions!

Do the math and analysis on what the life of Paul J James is, what has happened and what lay ahead without truth and justice in full, being delivered. In 14 years I will be 70.

So again.

It is my intent without immediate intervention from FIFA through an act of courage not mental illness to light myself on fire to ruthlessly shame those who have delivered such appalling depravity. Starting with all those at York University, the Liberal Party and the Toronto Star who conspired on an act of such unbelievable evil with the "news article" dated September 7/8, 2019. The pain of fire, like that of starvation, will be offset by the thought of shaming those, so unrelenting in the harm they have delivered. I nominate Adam Vaughan, Bob Rae, Mary Ormsby, York University and Canada Soccer to inform my father and sister when it happens.

In the paraphrased words of Sir Stephen Fry,

"When I asked my friend how was the pain of being hit by a lorry? He responded, it was nothing like the pain of people using my poor mental health against me"

Persons within York University; the Liberal Party of Canada, the Canadian Media and Canada Soccer should be investigated and held accountable for the outrageous bullying which has been delivered to Paul J James. To date, not one person in a position of power has displayed an ounce of courage or integrity to swiftly and comprehensively correct the social injustice. Just deceit, manipulation masked through psychopathy.

And clearly, it will not happen in a corrupted, diabolical, pathetic nation that Canada has become.

Which path has Canada embarked?

The Path of the Least Resistance? And the evidence is everywhere you care to look most specifically at this time in the handling of the Paul J James human rights discrimination file.

And so. I appeal to FIFA to now intervene.

While former England international soccer legend Peter Beardsley was recently fired for his racist comments and abuse of black football players in England. Citizens with exposed mental health disabilities - specifically substance disabilities - remain the most marginalized, oppressed group of people on the planet. And stigmatizing such citizens is no different from sexism, racism and homophobia. There is no excusing harassment and discrimination of a person's mental health status and wellbeing. There was no excuse in 2008 and there is no excuse now. It is unlawful and it should be ruthlessly adjudicated that way. The damage of not doing to so in the Paul J James matter has been appalling. It has been reckless and disgracefully irresponsible. The carnage irreparable. Ten years of my life taken and obliterated.

With justice served I will move away from Canada.

I cannot live in a country who not only operate by such unethical, immoral, underachieving, Machiavellian ways but who also persistently reward such incompetence. If I stayed, even with justice served. I could not guarantee I wouldn't annihilate the individuals who delivered such premeditated harm. And I would gladly serve a life sentence for doing so.

It is the consequence of a totally ruined life from the unlawful actions of others; a soccer career completely eviscerated; unlawfully delayed justice and a lack of appropriate moral governance from the Canadian Judiciary, York University, Canada Soccer, the Liberal government, the Prime Minister, Bob Rae, Adam Vaughan and Canadian Parliament. It is the consequence of a Canadian system of disgraceful non-accountability. A Canadian Judiciary, Canadian Media and Political impotence who facilitate and permit cheats, crime, sloth, and a path of least resistance to flourish. The absolute path of the loser.

My stance is also a consequence of living homeless and on the streets for 3 years. You learn a new set of rules. What it really is to be so outraged; to fight; to get beaten up; to get everything of value stolen; to be assaulted by police with no avenue of correction or justice; to be worthless; to be treated as such; to accept hand me downs; to beg for charity; to consider a prison sentence as not being so bad in the end; to what oppression really is and how inequality is so easily facilitated, and all to be scapegoated by the oppressors onto mental illness if you so dare as confront it.

Leaving Canada is the responsible action for Paul J James to take under the circumstance. It is my self-awareness and my morality in executing that knowledge. It is too late for anything else. I can never coach or be involved in soccer again in this country. I have absolutely nothing.

And because you the establishment class try to scapegoat it onto mental health - then "I will set myself on fire".

To the Right Honorable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and to Andrew Scheer try explaining the Paul J James story to Prince William who has proven to be a true advocate of improving the stigma of mental health for British citizens. A person who honorably leverages his status to assist and help others not harm and ignore through extraordinary hypocrisy.

I reference again, the two Canadian political leaders of Canada. In 2017 I sent a video message emaciated on a couch. I was in serious trouble physically from starvation and you both did nothing except pontificate through Twitter preparing for my demise. To paraphrase you both: “We need to destigmatize mental disability in Canada from the Prime Minister and “We need to get into every office around the country to see what the hell is going on” from Andrew Scheer. Neither political leader reached out to Paul J James nor alone investigated and correct immediately the dreadful escalating

circumstance. And the Canadian public haven't heard from the both of you on the subject matter since. How do you expect me and other Canadians to respect that? Difficult for me to look at your photos smiling.

As stated previously, Canada as a nation, Canadian politicians, the Canadian Judiciary, the Canadian Media, Canada Soccer, most specifically York University and by association ALL Canadian academic institutions need to Grow Up and Shape Up. And. Be very grateful this circumstance did not happen to someone with less frontal lobe control.

If the nation had to go to war tomorrow - it would be over in two days. And half of ALL Canadian soldiers would be dead from the back stabbing of their comrades and a quarter would be shot in the back from running away from the enemy.

To those whom it applies in the Paul J James matter, you need your backsides kicking from coast to coast. You are an absolute disgrace.

Canada is a nation which follows the Path of Least Resistance. We develop and award incompetence far too often. A nation of too many cowards.

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